Best replacement capacitor for the Dynaco A25?

Just picked up a pair of a25's.tweeter sounds anemic. Gonna test it out ,then while I have it open would like to replace the old capacitors. What are my best options? Thanks
I don't remember the values for the A25's but Solen's are very inexpensive and don't take forever to break in. Plus Madisound has some Clarity caps that start low and prices increase from there that are excellent. The tweeter in the A25 is very good but it is old and a cap upgrade may not bring benefits you expect. The fluid may be dried up or coils may not be operating properly. It will not be State Of The Art. It will be better to do the upgrade for sure. Especially on the top end. It's worth a try. Check Madisound for or Parts Express for a replacement tweeter.

I just did a capacitor and tweeter upgrade (Clarity in the tweeter section and Solens in the bass & mids) on a pair of Polk Audio SDA2B's. They seem to be the simplest of the SDA series to me and they sound very very very good. Much better than they have any right to. I did not like the SDA circuit when it first came out. Hearing them now is a near revelation compared to the original after the cap upgrade. They don't sound mid fi anymore.