best recorded 78rpm to look for, also cartridge...

Hi folks,
I've recently started spinning 78's and realized that some of them especially ones in the great shape sounds awsome on my recently restored secondary turntable Empire 598 with empire 980 arm with currently mounted Pickering D750 NOS cartridge. This cartridge is a very light tracker, but for 78's I have to overload it's actual specified tracking force 3x times to get it stable on the wide grooves. Please recommend me the best available within $$.
Which great sounding 78's do you have in your collection?

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Audio Technica, Grado, Ortofon, Pickering, and Stanton all make (or made) 78 rpm carts that are safe recommendations.

I'd stay away from the current Shure 78 cart. Its sound quality isn't in the same league as the others, IMHO.