Suggestion for a 78rpm cartridge/ stylus?

Ok,I admit it, I'm a hopeless case!
Just bought a couple hundred 78,s because, well they were local and dirt cheap!
Now I have an old Dual 1009 4 speed idler drive in fair working order so speed is covered.

What I would prefer is to use a cartridge that I can just swap the stylus over rather than two separate carts.

So suggestion for a cartridge that has available both a regular 33/45 stylus and also a 78 stylus if such a beast exists.

And Happy New year to all of you and your family!
uber, the only 78s I have are a concert album by Louie Armstrong and the All Stars from my dad so I didn't want to spend much money.

I found an old Empire cartridge in my parts box and bought a new 78 stylus.  My line stage has a mono switch so I think that will be good enough.  My table with 78 speed is not playable so waiting to complete that.  Just a thought.
Along my thoughts of a outfitting a cheap cart with a 78 stylus.
Of course last year I had a clear out and sold all the cheap carts......

So would be nice to have a cheap dual purpose cart with two interchangeable stylus.
Or that was my initial thought.

I see lp gear have an at95-78 for sale at just $35!
For that little coin I think that maybe my next move.
After a bit more research and the fact that I do not have a mono switch I think I will need a strapped cart.

About best value I see is the Ortofon 2m mono cart.
This can be fitted with a 78 stylus or a more modern profile mono stylus.
Not too bad at $120.

Unless anyone knows of alternative of a strapped for mono cart?
Check out the Ortofon and Grado 78 rpm carts  There are some there in your price range.  Personally, I like the Grado.
He is also very knowledgeable and helpful on 78 rpm playback.
The Ortofon 2M 78 turned up today, mounted and took it for a test drive on my Garrard 401 ( I had forgot this had 78 capability!).
Sounds pretty darn good for 70 to 80 year old albums imho.

One thing I did find is that Ortofon says tracking force 1.8 to 2g.
I found much better bottom end at 2.6g.
May experiment with even higher as most other 78 carts suggest 3g or so.

Next up is to buy the 2m mono stylus to be able to swap in and out on this mono cart.

Pretty darn happy for $120.