Best re-issue LP's

I have bought about 15 Speakers Corner LP's and without comparing them to the originals I can't tell how they measure up.

One of the re-issues I bought was John Coltrane Love Supreme. I never liked the LP as both my wife and I thought the drums were mixed too hot and were overpowering.

I bought the original off of E-Bay and it smokes the re-issue. It is mixed as it should be and I now love the LP.

Please list your best sounding re-issues and worst sounding.

Worst -
John Coltrane Love Supreme SC

Best -
Nat King Cole After Midnight Pure Pleasure
Janos Starker Bach SC

To me these 2 sound so good, I can't imagine the originals sounding any better, but I'd like other opinions.
I recently bought the Pure Pleasure re-issue of Stan Getz' "The Best of Two Worlds" 1976, I have the original and this audiophile reprint is VERY good and smokes the original.
I happen to think most of Coltrane's work is poorly recorded in some aspects, the piano especially, with the exception of 'Blue Train' and Lush Life. I think the worst recording is the 2nd Live at the Village Vanguard.
The best reissues I have yet heard are from Fone. Very expensive but most are cut at 45RPM and some are 4 sided (1 blank side). Some of them are reissues from the incredible sounding VTL Vital recording label of the 90's (David Manley recordings).

For new issues, try Venus. Absolutely fantastic music and sonics.
I haven't noticed a difference in the various live nights of the VVanguard set. I agree that the piano is poorly recorded in lots of the albums. "Standard Coltrane" in the sacd version sounds great. Don't know about the reissued LP's.
While not "audiophile quality," the Speaker Corner reissues of Blues greats are so superior to the originals, I thought they must have found earlier masters than the originals Chess were cut from.

The one's I've bought so far: "Muddy Waters - The Best of Muddy Waters," "Little Walter - The Best of Little Walter," and "Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon - The Blues Every Which Way."

If you like the Blues, these are the reissues to get.
Hi Glory,
I think you should seek out some of those popular titles in the OJC bins (Original Jazz Classics reissues) before plucking down that huge amount of money for those 180 gm and 200 gm LP's. I have listened to both and to be honest I still prefer the original pressings to the pricey new releases. Lot's of the classic jazz and classical LP's are on very good vinyl. I still collect both original's and OJC's of any titles I come across mostly out of curiousity.

I don't know what part of the country you live in but you should become familiar with area Thrift Shops, Fleamarkets, Yard Sales and Estate Sales. This is where you will find a treasure of old LP's. Sometimes you will strike gold and sometimes not. Oh but the thrill of the hunt!!!

I have lived in Wahington, D.C., Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida and now Georgia. I can honestly say I have picked up valuable vinyl in all those states. Washington, D.C. is a wonderful city for jazz, and classical. Here in Georgia the past weekend I picked up a copy of Monk and Coltrane on Jazzland in excellent condition along with a copy of Elvin Jones Putting It Away on Bluenote. I spent about $6.00 ea. Both have quiet surfaces with a couple ticks. I haven't cleaned either on my VPI cleaning machine yet. A record cleaning machine is a valuable investment for collectors. It will restore that quiet background on those used treasures you find. Providing it hasn't been damaged from poor tracking tonearm cartrige setups. It will also make the surfaces much quieter.

I strongly suggest you give those places a shot to see how many originals or reissues you will find and compare. Check out the local record havens that are still around from the 70's and 80s to see what they have too. There are thousands of us out there looking in those very places every day so why not join us?
It seems that you already know the labels to look for along with the artist. You may also want to check out wdcdradio dot com. They also list on Ebay and they sell brand new reissues starting at $7.00. Some are on 180gm vinyl starting at $9.00. Check them out. There are other sites like wdcdradio dot com that specialize in rock, jazz, and other genre's of music. You can normally recognize them when they advertise a New sealed LP under BUY IT NOW and for a crazy price of $9.99 or something like that. I have purchased over 2 dozen Bluenotes and other labels and I have yet to get one with a noisy surface.

I simply love the hunt!!!

I live in Destin, FL. 5 1/2 hours from you. Destin is a audio desert.

I have a killer system and only 60 LP's.

Please keep us record buyers informed when there is a show in your area.
Without a doubt any Jazz that Columbia re-issued after digitaly remastering them are inferior to the originals. I can't think of one that is better.
Hi Glory,
I lived in Ft. Walton Beach for over 4 years. You need to get in touch with Tom Tutay for some of your audio
needs. You most likely already know him. I didn't spend much time in Destin because we had 5 hurricanes in 4 years but in Ft. Walton beach there use to be a record store. Tom may have some insight. There are at least 4 thrift stores in FTWB which I scored there many times and then you have the flea markets on Rt. 198 headed towards
Pensacola. I hope it's still there. It's called the Barnyard. I scored many great jazz pieces out there. And there are several other places on Rt. 198 that sell LP's. I once picked up a dozen Opus3 Lp's in one store. When I got there in 1995 I had over 3000 Lp's. Now roughly about 4500 maybe more.
I purchase LP's from the places I mentioned like wdcdradio and ebay. I have a friend in Colorado that is a major record dealer. I normally trade copies of classical for jazz with him.
We don't have any shows here in Augusta, GA but Atlanta has at least 1 a year may a couple more. I'm not in that loop yet. I hate the traffic there. On Ebay check out Pappa Jazz in Columbia, South Carolina. And if you are in Tallahase on a given weekend check out the stores there. Almost every college town has record stores. Gainesville for sure and Jacksonville. Jacksonville has one of the biggest flea markets off I95 in the South East.
If you need to contact me via my personal email search for my audiogon name. I have some ads on there right now.
Happy Hunting