best preamp for 501's

I will be using ( just purchased, not delivered)501 monoblocks. Have maggie 3.6's, musical fidelity a5 cd player and a michell gyro se turntable. Out of the c46, c2200 or c2300 how do these pair with the 501's. I am amazed ay the varying opinions between the 2200 and 2300. I hear some say that the 2300 is lean sounding, while others say the exact opposite. I prefer a balance of detail and warmth. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
No 501s but auditioned different preamps using MC275.

Started with the C46 and loved the open sound with details. The EQ was a bonus to help make adjustments.

Auditioned C2300 with MC275 and felt like the synergy was their with the details and warmth. Since I listen to instrumental music the details from cymbals decaying and strings playing bass guitar are very clear.
Try the H2O Fire preamp. It retains all the warmth of the performance without adding any. It will allow your amps to strut their stuff like no other. Most important the Fire was created with ICE amps in mind. They are a perfect match.
Keep in mind none of the preamps you are inquiring about is really balanced design, despite having XLR outputs. Within the McIntosh line, to get a balanced design you have to go to the C500 (very expensive!), or just go to another manufacturer.

You might want to post the question over at the McIntosh forum in Audiokarma.

My two cents.

Congratulations on your 501's! I use a CJ premier 14 with NOS hitachi and mullard tubes. The authority and smooth presentation of the 501's mate very nice with the musicality of the CJ preamp, especially with my Theils. Magical midrange and texture.

I have had this preamp for several years, its the only one I have run with the Mac's. Good luck in your search - great amps!

The C2300 is the top dog in the McIntosh one box arena (IMO). I don't have MC501's -- but owned the C2300 & have moved upwards to the C500C/C500T.

Go to and ask there -- as many members w/MC501's have either the C46, C2200 and C2300 (probably moreso with the latter two units). You'll receive a much more direct reply to your answer.