Best pre-amp w/ HT pass thru

My Krell HTS has a few annoying attributes, and I'm tired of compromising my stereo audio for my "almost" as important Home Theatre. Anyway, digital pre-pro's (without analog bypass) wed you to a point on the everchanging DAC technology curve. So I'd like to go to an analog pre-amp w/ HT pass thru and a separate HT processor.

Eagerly looking for suggestions on a good pre w/ HT pass thru to mate with my Krell KSA-200S and my Martin Logan SL3s. My target is ~$1000 used on current market. I would consider tubes, but frankly I'm real concerned about getting into the requisite tube-replacement cycles.

If the Impedance and sensitivity ratings are ok you could try a FT Audio Passive .

Just a thought!
I have Martin Logan Ascents for fronts and using an Audio Research LS-12 Solid state preamp. I believe you can get it new for $1200 since it is now a close out product. Used for about your budget. In my 2 Ch/HT set up, it performs very well using the processor bypass feature. Search for threads here regarding this preamp and you will get some info that could answer your question or doubts. Also, Odyssey Audio ( has a new 2 channel pre amp that is designed precisely with 2 CH and HT integration in mind. The best part is that it will only cost you $250 brand new. Check them out. inform, not to convince...
I believe the Conrad Johnson PV-14 tube preamp has HT pass through. I wouldn't be concerned about tubes in preamps.....they last far longer than in an amp.
I have Krell ksa-250 with sunfire pre-pro. I use Bent audio passive unit for two channel pass through.
Amandarae: I don't see the preamp you are talking about on Odyssey's website. The only one listed is the $950 tempest
I wouldn't limit my search to only pre-amps that had a HT pass-thru. What's wrong with placing the volume control on the pre to an easily repeatable position (9:00 or 12:00, etc..) and then balancing the processor channel outputs for this position? This will open up your choices considerably for a good pre-amp. Just a thought.

Yes you are right! It's not in the website yet. Try this:

The preamp is called Etesian and cost $275. It is the 3rd picture down. Here are some info regarding the Etesian

" The Odyssey Etesian passive / HT integration pre amp.
Also full case, 18 " brushed anodized, laser engraved with the 2 big knobs from the Tempest. It's a passive unit utilizing the Tempest / SL parts bin.
We're using the Alps potentiometers, and of course, all Groneberg wires and the Groneberg hi-tech solder.
Anyway, yes, you can use it as a pre only, with 3 inputs, BUT I really intend it as the perfect pre - gizmo for any HT integration system that uses a HT receiver. The main thing here is the AV bypass.
So, you'll be able to run a really nice pre amp for CD music only in your HT system. The actual sound I'm getting from the passive unit right now is nice, very nice. We'll also have it with an optional remote (same top of the line as with the Tempest) for an additional $ 150. or so.

Anyway, the so far nameless HT BP / Passive pre amp's cost is : $ 275. "

Please call Odyssey Audio at (317) 299-5578 or email Klaus (the "man") at

I am not associated with them by any means. Just making a suggestion.... inform, not to convince....
You might want to consider the Simaudio P-3 preamp. It sounds good to me and the wife can work it.