Best Port for highest sound quality on Apple TV-3

I use an Apple TV 3 to connect the lossless music files on my mac via WiFi to my stereo; it has:
  • HDMI2
  • Optical audio
  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet

Which one of these will give the best sound quality when I plumb it into a DAC? Or does it entirely depend on the DAC?)
Well, only HDMI and optical will work as a music output. :) Most dedicated DAC’s don’t take HDMI, while home theater receivers DO.

Which is best? Among those choices optical. It can’t carry ground noise.

AppleTV, Chromecast, etc. are not really designed with the audiophile in mind.  Some DAC’s are more immune to jitter from low cost devices than others. The Wyred4Sound Remedy will really help to clean that up though.

I have found, generally, the Schiit and Mytek DAC’s on the "insensitive" camp (a good thing) but your mileage may vary. If your dac has an upsampling (not over-sampling) or sample-rate conversion built in it can also really help with these tiny devices.