Best placement for Silverline Sonata Mk111

Can any fellow Silverline Sonata Mk111 owners kindly share their wisdom with regards to best placement of these speakers.

My room is 16Feet W X 21Feet L X 9 Feet H

I am driving the Sonata's with a Pathos Twin Towers (RR) integrated amp.

My current placement is using the Cardas method and I have them 4.41 F from the side walls and 7.15F from the front wall and the tweeters (speakers) are approx 2200mm apart and toed in 5%.

Have you tried them "nearfield" placing them across the LONG wall dimension?

No, I haven't. Not an option for me due to where the entrance to the room is, WAF and furniture:-(

My listening position is about 11 Feet from the speakers.

The Cardas is an excellent method for placement. I have used in two different setups both with good results.
I assume you're not happy with the sound, but you don't comment on why you asking for help, specifically what kind of advise you are seeking.

That said, you might try placing your speakers closer to the side walls so the drivers are about 10 1/2 ft apart to give you something closer to a triangle. Should give you a wider sound stage. You will probably want to re-visit toe in after you do that to smooth out the highs. Cardas is a great starting point but it's just that, a starting point.

Have you taken care to treat (with furniture, rugs, etc) the first reflection points?
Thanks Newbee,

Most friends who are not into the hobby think the sound is great. I also am pleased with the sound and occassionally have sit up and take notice type or foot tapping experiences with Music. It's just that I am relatively new to the "Phile" world and am going through a "State of Mind" where I am keen to hear of other Sonata Mk111 user experiences and try to see whether there is MORE that can be done with existing equipment.

Room is fully furnished.