Centre speaker for Silverline Audio Sonata Mk111?


Can any current or previous owners of the Silverline Audio Sonata Mk111 speakers kindly advise as to what speaker you are using (or have used) as a matching "centre" channel.

I also have a REL Storm 111 subwoofer and wonder whether any of you have used a SW with the Sonata's for 2 channel audio with success.

Thanks & regards
Try sending mail to Alan Yun at Silverline (sales@silverlineaudio.com) and ask him. A third Sonata III would match quite well. :) A Sonatina III has 3 of the same drivers as the Sonata. Also, I just noticed Silverline does sell a center channel speaker, Center Stage.

I've listened to Sonata IIIs and the only reason why (IMO) you'd need a sub is if you listened to music with mass quantities of low frequency sound. A lot depends on the size of your room, too. For HT, a sub is a necessity 99% of the time.

Thanks Larry.

I am led to believe that the current Silverline Centre was matched to either the Sonatina or a now discontinued model.

The Sonata 111 has a German made (LPG) mid range driver which the current SA centre doesn't seem to have.

I am currently using a PMC TB2+ as the centre and rears and was wondering whether there was a better matching centre out there.

With regards to the REL, for most part I never use it as the Sonatas can do justice without them, but I have also noticed a slight fill to the depth of the soundstage when the REL is in play.

kind regards