Best oil/lubricant for LP12 bearing

In you guys' expert opinion, what is the best oil/lubricant for an LP12 bearing.

linn oil for a linn TT
contact an area dealer for the stuff. 8-10 bucks for a dose. kurt
Haven't experimented but considering the nature of Linn products I would follow Rcreations advice and stick with original equipment lube.
I am a long time Linn Sondek lp12 owner. Spoke with my area dealer and recommend sticking with the Linn oil. It is engineered to perform with the bearing and the existing tolerance and dampening characteristic. This is something not to tamper with IMHO. To hear it first hand call Linn @ 1.904.645.5242 in the states and 44 (0) 141 307 7777 to reach Scotland. Enjoy!
Thanks guys - I'm going with the Linn oil.