I am interested in hearing suggestions about a musical subwoofer, it does not have to be gigantic, but it needs to be musical, fast, so it can integrate well with most speakers I am likely to match them with. Any suggestions from Energy? Paradigm? or others? I would like to pay less than $600 Thanks for any suggestions
I am not sure if you would consider something that is not 'pre-packaged' but I got a great sub for just under $600. It uses an NHT 12" woofer, 200 watt mono amp and a oak veneer MDF cabinet. The kits are available from You can get the cabinets, choice of drivers, foam, spikes, etc at the website. Overall it is a pretty good sub especially when compared to stuff in that price range. It is much better than the Paradigm sub for sound and looks.
check outthe ar-s500 -- it is an amazingly grat sounding sub .. with a bob carver sunfire amo built in ...check out out showroom -- on audiogon -- we are a show case dealear
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I would listen to the Hsu Research VTF-2, $500 new. It beats any Velodyne, Energy. I think it even sounds better than all the Sunfire subs. The only way you can really tell is to go listen to it. As a guide go to their webb site. There they have links to reviews etc. Good luck. Let your ears guide you
Someone just asked this same question last week. Do a search
Buy a used Vandersteen 2Wq - or get it new for just a little over $1000 - either way, there are NONE more musical.