Best material for isolation purposes

What's the best material, either metal cones or sorbathane cups, or what ever, for use under a VTL preamp. All answers
appreciated. Mark.

I bought some 4" X 4" X 3/8" thick sorbothene squares from McMaster Carr. I cut these with scissors to size for whatever component I am trying to isolate. I have them under all of my components except my amplifier. They work great!

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I have been very happy with the Symposium Ultra platform, I use them under my EAD Pre/Pro and my Levinson 37 transport they come with coupling blocks or for over the top performance try Nordost titanium pulsar point or the symposium rollerblocks in combination with the platform.You can track them at ask for Peter He is great to work with and for the pulsar points
I'll have to second the Symposium reference. I use rollerblocks under my tube phono stage and under my tube amp. Ultra platform under my turntable, I plan to buy more of their products...very noticeable improvements.

If you want to try something cheap, go to a kitchen store and buy a thick maple cutting board...I bet you'll hear a change.
MarkOne; because of the existing products we manufacture; and recently getting involved in a real hifi analog system myself; I had my factory load as dense a material they could a new form of acoustic putty if you will. I placed some on top and on the front face of my speakers, and under my TT. The result to my novice ears was stunning and everyone who has heard my little experiment heard t as well. I was actually developing the material for an equine product. A any rate if you would like to test some out let me know and as long as you will sign a non-disclosure will send some out to you. Best of luck
I use (4) sorbothane hemispheres underneath and (6 - 8) Black Diamond Racing cones on top of my preamp.
Aurios Bearings- You'll be surprised.
Peanut butter. Gobs and gobs of peanut butter. Creamy works better than chunky : ) Sean
Van Evers used to sell an exoctic hardwood tuning kit, blocks of wood 3/4" X 1" X 1 1/2". Each type of wood resonates at a different frequency range. Very effective and does fine tune the sounds. I have tried over a dozen different type of hardwoods and have success with many, Ebony, Zebrawood, Bloodwood, etc. If you would like to try and can not get your hands on different hardwoods, write me.
I really like superballs under most of my components. They can be picked up at walmart for ~1.29 for 8 + 1 large ball. I use washers under the balls to stop their rolling. It's so cheap, it doesn't hurt to try ;)