best interconnect for less than 100???

I have a decent system: Totem 1 (biwire version) on dedicated custom-made stands (weighing more than 30lbs each stand!), Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 preamp with NOS Telefunken 12AX7, Kinergetics Research Chiro C-200 amp, and an Ultech UCD-100 cd playback. My speaker cables are Audioquest Indigo plus, interconnects are Synergistic Research Mark 2 from preamp-amp, and Straight Wire Chorus from the cd player to the preamp...I am looking to replace the SW Chorus... This is a very budget cable that received high priases particulary from British magazines...However, as godd as it is considering that it only retails for $40, I find the midrange a bit shut in and wanting in transparency. Any suggestions on a pair of either a .5m or 1m interconnect for my Ultech to the SFL-1...My budget is very limited: less than $100 for a used pair....I really don't beleive in spending a lot to get good sound from cables.....HELP!!!!
Half a meter of Audioquest Coral--new--should run you just at $100. You can probably find some on this site for less. If you really want to treat yourself, get it.
Gemini, with the usual YMMV caveat, I'd have to say that Music Metre cables have been extremely satisfactory in my system ( Assemblage 2.7 Platinum dac fed by Cambridge CD4se, Music Reference RM5 tubed pre, Belles 150 hot rod power, Maggie 1.6's.) I replaced Music Metre III's (which were excellent) with their Calibre's and everything improved even more. Very smooth but revealing, nothing edgy or glaring. Dynamic, well extended bass. See for opinions that concur with my experiences. They are frequently auctioned on this site for prices within your budget and well below retail.
Go to eBay and search for MAS Interconnects. (Just Search MAS). The Black Model sell for around $50, the Grey Model around $85. I have tried these cables. Both these cables compared favorably with cables I have tried that cost between $150 and $200 such as Van Den Hul D102 and Nordost Blue Heaven. You can also contact Stu Wein directly from the eMail address that is his screen name. I have owned the SW Chorus before and while the Chorus is a good cable, these are light years better.

I have also demo'd the Zu Cable Oxy-Fuel sold here on Audiogon. They have crystal clear highs for the money.

If you want something more well known, the Nordost Solar Wind is a nice cable, used under $100 or about $110 or so new.
Gemini, I am putting together a small system for my office and have been very pleased with the Harmonic Technology Truthlinks. I am using 1m pairs and purchased them on this site for around $140. A .5m pair should be close to your budget. Good luck and happy listening. Joel
I use and have used the HT Truthlinks, Homegrown Audio Super Silver and Mapleshade (I use their digital IC, not the analog ones)and would recommend any of them. If you are looking for a more dynamic and detailed sound the Homegrowns are nice, for smooth, warm yet detailed the HT's and for a slightly less warm sound with fine detail then the Mapleshades would work. I prefer mixing the Mapleshade and Homegrown Silver's with my tube setup and enjoyed the Mapleshade/Truthlink combo with a SS setup.
Second the homegrown silver lace. Can assemble and save $50 but need a multimeter from Radio Shack. Also consider Goertz micropurl for less money.
I really like the NBS series of cables. What's the opinion of the rest of you? The Stingher retails for 95.00 and for my money seems to be a bargain. Has anyone a-b'd this to the rest?
How about MIT T2 used for $50.00 at used'm suprise that nobody even mention it.