Best Integrated Amp for Maggies MG12

Am new to high-end audio and am considering to get myself a magnepan MG12s. I would like suggestions for a integrated Amp to drive the MG12s. Looking to spend atmost $1000 on a 2nd hand unit. I have been myself considering the Bryston B-60R and the Creek Audio 5350SE.

The 'conventional' wisdom is that an amp should double up into 4ohms and that 'mo better, when it comes to power.
As a long term Maggie owner, there is a certain truth there.
But, you need to evaluate your needs as well. If you listen at hi levels, or have a larger room (volume, not Just sq ft) you will need more juice.
A proper room is next. Good placement of your speakers and maybe some discrete room treatments. (WAF rules here)
Can you audition some gear in your listening space?
What are you going to do for a source?
Thanks for the response. I am planning on an Rega Apollo CD player as the source and also the wadia 170 itransport to play with my ipod. I dont intend to listen to music at high levels.

Unfortunately I cannot audition the equipment. Hence, I am looking for some pointers in the amp selection.

If $1k is the top of your budget, look for something like an Acurus 4004MkII or a Bryston 3b/4b and a CJ PV-8/9/10. Maggies need current, not watts. Look for a current peak load of 100 ohms or more. The only integrateds that work well on Maggies are Plinius 8150 and look for an 8150 at least.
Hi: I have had MG 12s and used an Aragon 8002, Accuphase E202, and Meridian AW 70. I still have all of these amps and will be selling some of them. If you live in the Northwest come and listen to them with some 2.7s. For fun I drove the MG 12s with an old Stromberg-Carlson EL 84 amp and they did just fine except for thunderous bass. Good luck. Rob.
A Wyred4Sound amp is FS here, today. As long as you won't be playing too loud, it will be fine. Terrific amp
I have the MG12's and have tried several different amps with them. What Stanleylocke says above is true. You need an amplifier that can deliever alot of current to really make the Maggies open up.

I ran them with an Assemblage ST-40 Signature tube amp. Sounded great, but the little ST-40 ran out of gas when I tried to push them. Yamaha MX-1 ran them ok, but then I took it to the next level.

It wasn't until I bit the bullet and bought a Classe' CA-2200 until I became aware of what the Maggies are capable of.

For $1,000, try finding a used Classe' CA-200 or CA-201 (the CA-201 may be hard to do for $1k).

Of course these are stand-alone amps and not integrated amps as you stated you are looking for. You mentioned a Wadia for your iPod. Why not put that on the back burner and see instead if you can get into a separate preamp / amp combo instead. More expensive up front, yes, but it allows for alot of flexibility in your system.

I am done buying equipment now. The Classe' will be powering my Maggies for many years to come.

I'm in a similar boat here, so I'll bump this thread.

My budget extends up to $1500, so I've been looking at the Krell KAV series, the Creek Destiny, the NAD C372, and the Unison Unico SE. I'd love for it to have an MM phono stage, but it's not required.

Any other suggestions?
Good dealer uses Bryston with Maggies with great success...also carries NAD...and the C372 is very good amp for the money...
i have been using a musical fidelity a3 for a number of years and it does a good job in my smaller listening area (standard size living room).
I listen to a lot of jazz (coltrane, davis, green, morgan, gordon, silver) and some out of mainstream rock (richard thompson, tom waits, los lobos etc.) also like listening to frank and ella. But i will also use my ipod on shuffle with no problems as well. i do not know about the current on the a3 but it is supposed to deliver 170 watts into a 4 ohm load and magnepan said minimum is 100.
Here are two more contenders: Classe Cap-201 and the Plinius 9100. Both seem pretty nice, and come highly recommended by Maggie fans
I had to downsize a few years ago and gave up my big Mcintosh pre and power amp (MC402) and Cremona speakers ($8800) but I hung on to my great analog and digital source components. I went with a Music Hall Maven reciever and Maggie MG12's for my return to apartment living and have been enjoying them more than mini monitors but not like the system I used to have. But now I just got a Musical Fidelity A302CR 250W power amp. I'm using the Maven's pre outs so it is now just a preamp/tuner. I can say I am now back into REAL HIGH END sound again! Back to listening to entire albums/cd's again! I gave $1,500 for the amp and it had retailed for approx $3500 back when it was new. Best thing I ever did. My LP12 now sounds much better than my Sony SCD-1 like it should now that I have an amp that has the guts and finesse to show it.
Bottom Line: Buy an integrated that has preamp outs so you can do what I did and add a serious power amp later without having to also buy a preamp. Do not be afraid to sink lots of money into source and amplification with the maggies, they will pass the really exciting qualities to your ears effortlessly. If you are a bass slam junkie you will need a really boss serious subwoofer though, like a REL. But the maggies will do great midrange and that's the difficult and most important part anyway.