Best indoor FM antenna, your experience.

I am not able to do an outdoor antenna where I live.  Looking for the best I can do with an indoor antenna.  Stations I want to listen to are 50 to 80 air miles away."
I live in a bit of a low spot in the topography (creek in side yard) & so placed a big directional antennae in the attic (so big I had to build it up there). This worked quite well until the corner of the house was hit by lightning (even with taller trees around)! I learned to disconnect the antennae from the tuner when not in use as I'd created a grounded lightning rod! Be careful out there.
Yes, you're supposed to "properly ground" the antennae with a separate grounding wire....but, I always figured  1/2 of a lightning bolt would still fry your equipment, plus you've still got a lightning rod.
Yet, I still contend that with a good tube tuner there is more "aire" & "there" in your NPR Avery Fisher Hall Live Concert Performances vs. internet.
[Nonetheless, here is a great internet radio tip you may not have heard about: Jazz Swiss Radio for commercial free, choice, mainly American (not too surprisingly) Historic, Great Jazz. Search Geneva Switzerland/Jazz.]
The best long distance FM antenna ever made was the APS-13 made by Antenna Products Company.  It went out of production in the early part of this century.  You conceivably could find a used one with want ads in Craig's List, Audiomart, etc.  Combine that with a decent rotor (still widely available) and you should be clearly able to pull in your 90 mile station from the attic (unless you have a high mountain inbetween) or unless your attic is less than 20' above the surrounding ground.
My MX-110Z with Moderferi mods handily outperforms my much new MR-85
sadly neither perform well here in Seattle with the small whip transformer loaded Magnum nor the figure 8 ribbon....the 1' Terk is better.... ugh
anybody want a MR-85 ????
I live in Boulder Colorado ans am using a FM-1A by Godar Electronics.  I got mine with a used FM tuner and have kept it.  It sells new over the internet and works very good for me.  As my audio setup is right next to my chair I keep the FM=1A next to me also so that I can change it's direction for best reception.  I used to use a pole ype antenna, but would have to get up to change its direction whenever I would change the radio station.  The Godar FM-1A antenna should be a good choice when an indoor antenna is required.
Hi whatjd,

I searched for this for a number of years, trying all the options I could find (including MD, Terk, Godar, Radio Shack, etc).  The Audioprism 8500 is the by far the best indoor antenna I am aware of, hands down.  Please note it is not at all unobtrusive - about 5' tall, 12" in diameter - it looks like an ASC full round tube trap.

Best of luck.