Indoor FM antenna

I recently inherited a Day Sequerra M4 Reference tuner. Lucky me! I have a $15 indoor antenna that doesn't work at all. My problem is that I live in a condo, and the board is entirely populated by tyrannical philistines who will not even listen to any suggestion of an outdoor antenna, no matter how inconspicuous. €¿§£! I conclude that anyone who wants to serve on a condo association board should be prevented from doing so by any means necessary.
Is there such a thing as an effective indoor antenna? Point me at it and I will be eternally in your debt. 
It depends. If the radio stations you want to hear are close enough, a simple indoor antenna might provide enough level. Usually an indoor antenna can be oriented so that it is directional, which might help if you have multipath issues.

If an indoor antenna doesn’t work, is there a chance you could install an outdoor antenna, but put it in the attic? That sometimes is a good compromise.
You might try a 1/2 wave antenna. I use one effectively (in my attic). You might be able to use one in your music room but you probably can’t hide it. You can use it vertically as an omni or horizontially pointed at the station you listen to mostly. Magnum makes one, model ST-2. Not cheap but it works. Others may be available.
I have only a g-type connector, so I need the co-ax termination on the antenna. I tried the antenna I have at various heights and orientations and no joy. I'm attempting to tune an HD2 signal, so it's all or nothing.
I have no access to the crawl space above my living area, so an attic mount is not possible. 
I thank you for your thoughtful response. I think I'll try the Magnum Dynalabs st-2 inside, having no tree to hang it in nearer than 100 ft. . If that doesn't work, I suppose I could have Guido and Eddie speak more forcefully with the board,.
I have tried a few indoor antennas, including the ST-2, Terk, and some others.  The one that has worked best for me is the Magnum Dynalabs SR-100 FM Antenna.  
Thanks big Gregg! 
I wasn't aware of that product. It's difficult to find, but I'll find one. There has to be one gathering dust somewhere. 
I have 2 tuners in 2 different systems and both use a Magnum Dynalab ST2 antenna.  It works better in my house which is in a valley surrounded by trees than the ST100.   I simply plopped it in the front corner of my living room and I get at least 20 stations very clear. Before I could get 3 stations which were very noisy  The powered Terks were junk as well as the Godar antenna.  This is my experience. 
I think one antenna might work better than another depending on your location. Most of the towers are either 46 or 50 miles from my location.  In my case the less expensive SR-100 worked better than the ST-2.

Another antenna that often works surprisingly well indoors is the simple dipole antenna that comes with many tuners.

You can also try combining them. For example, I took an inexpensive coax adapter with two screws on it and connected the two terminations for both the SR-100 and the dipole antenna to it.

I have a roof mounted antenna and have it pointed towards the stations that are in Seattle.

My Onkyo T-9090 supports two antennas and for some of the local stations, the combined indoor antennas pulled in stations better.
Thanks to all. 

I bought a Magnum Dynalab ST 100. The woman who sold it to me said her situation is very similar to mine (20 miles to a public radio transmitter through heavily wooded exurbia) and hers works like a charm.

Happy listening to all! 
+1 on the MD Silver Ribbon ST-100 antenna. Works well with my MD FT-101A Tuner.
I have the same issue because i live down under the mountain, but now
with radio app's on my computer, i don't need a STINKING antenna !!!!!