Best IC's for Velodyne DD series

What would be a good interconnect for the Velodyne DD or DD Plus series subwoofer? I'm looking for one that brings out detail and sounds "natural". Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I use Blue Jean cables as they make great sub cables. Yes, they are very attractively priced to boot! $40 for my set!
I have great success with the old Transparent musiclink cable.

Thanks for the recommendations. I will look into these!
Dialing in the settings on the sub a bit better, or spending some time with placement (RTA measurements) will improve things many many times more than any power cable would. Use the one it comes with, and put the money towards room acoustics.

Great advice. I'm ever experimenting as many of us are. Good exercise too, especially with subs. Right now I've got it elevated on a stool with layers of padding to help isolate it from the wooden floor. It seems to sound very natural this way.