Best guitar riff, black and white,pretty woman?

Hi all,

Music makes all feel better when we're down and Black and
White is as good an upper as it gets.
For those of you that haven't heard, or better yet , seen Roy Orbison's Black and White performance I'd suggest you look into it.

Google the performance and you'll see the best of the best in rock that contributed to this performance.

"Go Go Go down the line" is second best to Pretty Woman. You will see and hear a group of the best of the best in the rock world backed up by Bonnie Rait, Jennifer Warrens and KD Lang.

Music videos like this are rare in lifting up a persons attitude.

How about your thoughts?
Having grown up with Orbison, this dvd was pretty special to me. My favorite cut, period, was "Down The Line" and I've almost worn that track out. In fact, I copied the soundtrack of this disc to cd, and that allows for even more fun. "Mean Woman Blues" was always a fav of mine, too. I agree with you, this is one great music video!
Outstanding guitar riffs on B&W Night.
Another equally outstanding riff occurs in "Sultans of Swing" in the VHS version of Mark Knopfler's Night In London performed in Royal Princs Albert Hall.
Watch it of you can.