I'm now a Cardas Woman. I used to be a Kimber gal

Well i was interested in the new Cardas Parsec. I bought one and went WOW! What have i been missing!
So then I bought another.. then went for the big one (seven meter pre to amp, big bucks)
Added a few more. Bought a used Golden Reference here to have for a tease..
So I went from Kimber all around to Cardas.
I liked Kimber, used them for-ever.. Nice, but this new Cardas Parsec has me. (Kimber has some catching up to do guys..) The Cardas is just more 'natural'.

This is like changing auto brand: Lifetime loyal BMW owner.. years of Beemers.. suddenly buys a Porshe! And LOVES it.

Some of them are still in shipment from Cardas. I am just so excited.
Congrats on the new cables Elizabeth. I never was much of a fan of Kimber Kables to be honest. I prefer the Cardas sound, though I only owned the Golden Reference, and I have not had a chance to listen to any of their newer Clear designs from Cardas yet.
I do not currently own any Cardas, as I moved on to Jade Audio, Purist Audio, Tara Labs, and Acoustic Zen. I am more of a mix and match guy now, as I have never been satisfied when using the full loom of any one cable brand. However, I have much fonder memories of the CGR than anything I've ever owned from KK.
I also congratulate your discovery, it's nice when something new in a system you've had for years gets you excited.

I just tried Tempo Electric's solid core silver w/teflon tube insulation speaker cables on my VAC/Tannoy rig, and I'm feeling that sense of excitement as well.

Enjoy, and regards,
As a longtime Cardas owner, my system is 90% Golden Reference, and a few Quadlink on the IC end. I have yet to afford the Speaker Cables due to a 18' run. You have me curious as to your opinion between the GR and Parsec?
I may be making some changes due to length and finding GR's is becoming rare.
I know that you're a Pangea woman. To keep the excitement going, you might consider trying a different cord (maybe from TWL). Just sayin'.
As much as we, as audiophiles, try to stay true to our systems, there comes a time when brand loyalty (fealty?) is overcome by simply hearing something better, which is part and parcel to our hobby. Part of this event is the freedom one feels from straying which in turn leads to discovery moments (eureka!) that get those endorphins going and improve our situations.

These are truly great moments and I can relate on many levels.

Congrats Elizabeth!

All the best,
congrats Elizabeth, give us a full review when you can, thankyou.
A little off topic here, but Dan, how are you enjoying the Tempo's? I've been considering trying some silver speaker cable's with my Tannoy's just to see how they compare.
The next cable will be even better ...
Your a women? Had no idea. :)
Good for you, Elizabeth! I love your stories of your continuing explorations. Thanks!
What Kimbers have you used?
What Kimbers? I owned three Kimber KCAG, (one meter balanced, one meter with large silver WBT RCA, old ones, then one meter with 0108 WBT) and had made a few shorter wires from Kimber silver wire. Some from a spare bit of 8AG, and some from a AGDL wire. Those all used Ultraplate RCAs.
I had used Kimber PBJ in the past, and also currently have some Hero, a one meter, and then my long seven meter pre to amp is Kimber Hero balanced. The big positive about Hero is the changes made by the Parsec could EASILY be heard via the seven meter Kimber Hero, Which say a lot about the clarity and 'pass through' quality of the Hero cables.

The wire i replaced first, with a Parsec (which was an eye opener) was one of the short 10" jumpers of Kimber silver I had. I thought that wire was really good. Until I had the Parsec in there!)
I bought the KCAG many years ago used.. Never did spend too much for them. (this was years before all the counterfeits around)

As for the comparo between the Cardas Golden Reference and the Parsec. The Golden Reference (used, but not a knockoff) turned me off, right out of the box. It had the empty air feel I get from SACD, which I really dislike.
After burning it in, it is better, and I am not inclined to sell it right off, but it is not as open as the Parsec. I find the Golden Reference to be 'polite'. The Parsec is not.

The Parsec is wonderous to me. Amazing. Takes several days to be great, then as it goes along if just gets marvelous. After two weeks continuous use the Parsec is really going strong.
I really have to give the Golden Refernce a better chance to be heard. i am going to install the rest of my Parsec on the way, and after two weeks of break in, THEN I can judge the value of the Golden Reference in my setup more realistically. Until then i cannot say for certain if I will keep it or sell it. Until then the Golden Ref is on the headamp and being powered passing music through it, so it really is ready for any comparo. I would guess the prior owner had let it sit for so many months beofre selling it?

I am bigger on Parsec then even Pangea.

And that says a lot for folks who know how crazy I am for Pangea!!
Parsec is a breakthrough IMO. An amazing product that changes the cable game. (Other new cables may be doing this also.. But) the new Cardas cables totally alter the meaning of cables in my experience.
They are not just tone controls anymore, they are like mavelous machines that can make the music sound better than ever before.
And part of this wonderfulness is they are not $1,000/$2,000+ a pop wires.. they only are $330 a pop per meter. (with a discount if bought at TheCableCo.)

I am all in on Parsec. I have two in my system, three on the way, and at least two more planned. maybe four more. This is a $3K investment (with the seven meter pair) and well worth every penny. As good as any big equipment upgrade. I am pumped about it.
And very very happy to have found this wire. Thanks Cardas, for bringing my future home.

Added: I want to reiterate the beauty unleashed from my same old system by the Cardas parsec is amazing to me. I am in bliss just listening for hours on ends to it all.
Not kidding. Amazing.
The Cable forum is the most entertaining of all Audiogon forums.
Pass the popcorn
I've owned both the Hero and KCAG's as well. For the money; it sounds like the Parsec's are a deal. Should you decide to progress further: try the Kimber KS 1030/1130(balanced) and/or Synergistic Research's Tesla Apex. Considerably pricier, but- if you auditioned them; I'll bet you'd keep them. I audition through/buy from The Cable Company as well. Great people(especially Joe). Happy listening/experimenting!
Thanks Rodman99999. I am trying to keep on a budget!
My pre to amp distance requires at least six meters and would be a tight fit. So i buy a seven meter cable to make certain it will have room.
One of the reasons the Parsec seems like a good deal.

Price is not a pocketbook breaker.
For example the Kimber KC1130 you mention in the seven meter length i would need... Price is only: $12,500.00

The more reasonable 1116 is still near $3,000 (though it is not listed on TheCableCo site.
So the Cardas parsec os a STEAL at $1,290. for seven meters pair. (I paid only $595. with a trade in.. So it is a no brainer to go with that.)
I constantly wrestle betwixt budget and an obsession for realism. I'm grateful, "seven meters" is not a factor, in my app!
I like your car analogy, but the correct spelling is Porsche. And although you indeed spelled BMW correctly I believe the autophiles use Bimmer when talking about Beemers. Don't know why. Anyway, congrats on your Cardass epiphany.
And it's pronounced Porsh-uh. I learned that watching Two and a Half Men.
Lake Michigan air must be getting to you.
Maybe i should consider buying Siltech Cables's 'Empress Double Crown' seven meter pair.. ONLY $135,000.00 for seven meter pair.
that is one pair of wires.. does not include Porsche.
01-12-14: Elizabeth
Maybe i should consider buying Siltech Cables's 'Empress Double Crown' seven meter pair.. ONLY $135,000.00 for seven meter pair. that is one pair of wires.. does not include Porsche.
Elizabeth, enjoy!

But when you do decide to upgrade further, I'd suggest that you are likely to do just as well sonically if you limited the cable expenditure to no more than $50K. That would leave enough left over for a Porsche Cayman S, including an extensive set of options. Great car!


Best regards,
-- Al
And it's pronounced Porsh-uh. I learned that watching Two and a Half Men.
Yep and there's NO substitute! LOL!
It cost a lot of money to squeeze more technology into a wire than into a Porsche! :^)
Now you need to kick the Pangea addiction with a 12 gauge program!
The Pangea do all right. I would have to hear about some real imporvement in cord tech, that does not cost too much. As i have mentioned before, most of my powercords are LONG. and most powercords would be prohibitively expensive in four meter lengths.
And I am still not very inpressed with the gains a thousand dollar powercord can give. Better to have spent that money on the equipment in the first place than on a stupid powercord. (though if you have $20,000 a pop components a thusand dollar powercord would be fine.)

And finally i still love my 10% rule for wires.. My new Cardas Parsec MEET the ten perent rule. So do my current Pangea powercords... Those thousand dollar a meter cords really are not... Nor are several humbdred dollar a meter cords going to. So the change in powercords just is NOT gonna happen anytime soon.
PS i ordered the last two Parsec IC today.
Elizabeth, just teasing you like I would my older sister. You must know your a longtime favorite of many on Agon!
Dayglow, I thought that was a very witty joke you had made...
as long as it wasn't some type of weird shotgun humor
Congratulations on your discovery!Also it's nice to have a pleasant thread with no nasty comments.Hope you will post again after the new cables settle in.
Just wait until the Parsec speaker cables come out. Temptation, temptation, temptation...

You have to go all the way, right?

Really looking forward to hearing how the 7m Parsec sounds.

Nasty comments...Nasty Comments...Nasty comments!!!

There, now I have made three nasty comments just to make it like every other thread. LOL!

Ok, Elizabeth, just wondering if by some small chance you have heard the Cardas Clear Sky speaker cables?? I am thinking of getting a pair for my Thiel 2.7's but there is just next to nothing out there on the newer Cardas cables. Any experience or thoughts would be much appreciated.
I tried the Cardas Parsec on a whim. I have not heard any other new Cardas wires. I have own a single pair of 0.5m Cardas neutral Reference I had for ages.
It was decent.
I recently also bought a pair of 1m Cardas Golden Reference and am not so happy with them. they are too polite for me. And IMO kill the air in the room around instruments. So the sound is cleaner, but more sterile. Sort of like SACD sound. Not to my taste.

The seven meter is not really adding anything to the sound.

ADDED: yes they ARE better. Using my Sony SCD777ES instead of my DAC allowed the Parsec to really shine in ways I never heard my system like before. So the weak link is no longer my cable. it is my DAC I ususally do not use the SCD777ES, saving it for the important times I guess) ..

(But I have NOT gone back to compare, and I am only on day four of break in for the seven meter pair) A little dissapointed with it via expectations.. But it has enough to keep it in the system. Especially since trading IC stuff in, and selling the prior seven meter Kimber Hero has paid for it in full.

My one complaint is the Parsec 7m is shorter than the Hero was. the Parsec is 703cm tip to tip, the Hero was 724cm. And i was expecting the same length. So when it comes up SHORT, I am annoyed. I was able to adjust to have it fit.. But if I had known, I would have ordered a 7.5 m wire.

So with the added text, one can see YES indeed the Parsec IS better than my old cable. So I am back to being happy about it. Now all I need is a better DAC!!!
I tend to save the Sony SCD777ES as I play music all day long, so tend to use the 'easy cd changers and DAC all the time. I just moved my SCD777ES to a better position to use it more.. And I have to look at DACs.. after I save money back up from blowing it all on cables...
Would you like to be a lady?
Telescope Trade, :D

Elizabeth,That seems to happen a lot to us all-improving one thing and discovering a weakness elsewhere.Just when you think you're finally done.Darn hobby!
Elizabeth---Do you have plans for the Kimber's? Wanna sell any of them?
Eliz....glad the new cables work for you....but you must know that cables are an integral part of the system. I have heard the same cable work wonders to improve the sound of one system while ruin the sound of another. In MY system....all Ayre and Vandersteens..., Cardas was the very worst cable of any I tried. I found that really odd since Ayre recommends Cardas, and even has Cardas manufacture Ayre's cables...never the less ....
I already sold the 7m Kimber hero. (Just mailed it out Friday to its new owner) And the KCAGs.
I also sold some old Nordost Blue heaven I had in the closet. My last 1m Hero RCa is a keeper to sit in the closet.
I made $1,300 plus on the cables sales.
So I basically got the new 7m Parsec for free.
Stringreen - I had an extremely similar experience. Ayre setup with PSB Syncrony 1 speakers - and could just not like the Cardas Golden Ref, As you said Ayre even has them made to match with them. I guess all in the "ears" of the listener -
I gues i am getting a divorce/anullment. Incompatibility. I will keep the one meter as they work great. the main seven meter is agoner. i am going back to the seven meter hero stuff. Rebuying it actually... But buying the four wire from KImber and making the Ic myself. Save $250.
So i only lose $100 in the "sell the one one and discover i want it back" deal...
Lesson learned: Never sell the old one until you are sure the new one is better. ;)

So Elizabeth.....now what are you? A Carber woman, or a Kimdas gal???
@ Elizabeth, 10% cost rule for cables to system cost, That's crazy!, Try that the other way around!, works hugely better!, I have never, ever, regreted doing so!, For crying out loud!, cables are as, or more important than the componets them selfs!, I have done many test regarding this, I have even used a $300.00 yamaha cd/player with high performance cables that were not cheap by any means, beat out multi-thousand dollar componets with inferrior cables by a whole, whole lot in performance!, I did this test in front of 15 people, you should have seen the shock look on their faces, they went from laughing, to me laughing!
Did you try it both ways?
Wait, Elizabeth, I am confused. You were all aflutter about the new cables, and indeed this is such a pleasant and upbeat thread. Now you're getting a divorce and returning to Hero on the 7 meter run? What happened? Did I miss something?
Hi Geoffkait, yes I did try it both ways, of course this will not happen to all cable brands, However, this true story happend when useing some Taralabs cables back in the late 90s at a store in columbus, OH called proggresive audio, in those years this store sold top equipment, the store has went thru ownerships since then, they do not carry top performance two channel equipment any more, sad, the store was directly across the Ohio State campus, columbus was a great place to visit, I enjoyed my time there.
Kimber story.
As I'm sure many of you have, I sent in my system details into
the Cable Co. for their advice on SC for my new Totem Speakers.

E-mail came back recommending Audience, Purist Audio ,Harmonic Tech and Kimber. I called the guy listed on the email.

We talked a while about this and that on the merits of the various cables.
After a while I threw in the fact that 90% of my listening is to Classical Music, The guy halted in mid-sentence and said OH, you want Kimber then, best copper in the business !
Hey Schubert, I'm being a little "tongue-in-cheek" when I post this comment, but I own Kimber Heros I/Cs and 8PR speaker cables. I find the whole cable business confusing and potentially quite expensive.

FWIW, there was a cable discussion running in another OP and Kimber cables came up. The discussion addressed the connection between published specs and the acoustic impact of various cable brands. Which is why I bring it up here on the heels of your comment that if "you want Kimber then, [it's the] best copper in the business!"

What you say may be true, but as far as their speaker cable line-up is concerned, they run 3 or 4 grades of copper cables. My cables, the 8PRs, are "pure" copper. Then next higher up grade is "hyper" pure and the top grade is "ultra" pure. Oh ... I'm not even talking about their "Select" grade. Yet ... when I checked Kimber's published specs, the impedance differences between the various grades was imperceptibly small. I have no intention of buying Kimber's hyper or ultra pure offerings to just find out that its all "hype." :(

My point ... I'm not sure I have a point. But as I first mentioned above, this whole cable business is confusing and potentially "hyper, ultra" expensive.

Bifwynne, you are most correct.
I'm going to audition the 12TC and would go no higher.
I don't mind being a fool, but do mind being a sucker.
I was going to try the Harmonic Tech but they've just been sold and the Audience bi-wires are 2k.
Schubert, you are hyper, ultra wise. If you are auditining the TCs, perhaps you could also audition the PRs. I would appreciate reading your reactions about the sonic differences bewteen the two grades. I may be a bit of a cynic, but am willing to learn with a little convincing.
I had a pr of 4 pr when they first came out,only Kimber I ever had.They were good back then but I believe they'd be a little rough and ready , esp. in treble , on todays speakers.

Worked a treat on AR3a's though.
Schubert ... please post your comments after you've road tested the TCs. On paper, I surmise there's a lot of hype. But I am interested in learning whether the higher grade and cost delivers real performance.
Will do Bif.be 10 days or so.