Best female vocalists on LP still available

Interested in audiophile quality, good performance. Can be Jazz, pop, classical, whatever...have broad taste.
Kocsis, there are many excellent Lp choices for female vocal fans that you can buy new right now. here a few of my favorites;

1. Ella Fitzgerald, 'the Gershwin Songbooks', 5 Lps.
2. Norah Jones, 'Come Away With Me'
3. Allison Krauss, 'New Favorite'
4. Eva Cassidy, 'Songbird'
5. Billie Holiday, 'Lady In Satin'
6. Dusty Springfield, 'Dusty In Memphis'

there are many more but you can't go wrong starting with these; all the mail-order places should have these in stock.
side two of norah jones 'come away with me' is a treasure
Ditto, the Norah Jones on Classic. Also, I like Sarah Mclaughlin Solace & the Freedom sessions. Amanda Mcbroom Dreaming is oldie but goodie.
I just received a Music Direct catalog and was very surprised to see so many current releases by female vocalists available on vinyl. Norah Jones, Jane Monheit, Jacintha, Patricia Barber, and many, many more. Makes me want to get into vinyl.
Sarah McLachlan - Freedom Sessions, Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, Surfacing, Touch all available on vinyl (Classic records)
The first 2 Julia Fordham releases can be found both new and used on LP. Check on ebay or some of the LP resale sites both US and UK.
Jacintha Awesome recordings