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Hand crafted equipment rack?
Billy Bags from Ventura, CA. I'm driving to his showroom tomorrow to get a customized rack built. 
A Match For Bryston SP 1.7 Pre Amp / Processor
Jafant - Did consider another Bryston but they are too expensive. Peachtree products make it pretty seamless to access music on your computer / Sonos etc. I am leaning toward selling the Bryston and going with the NovaPre (pre-amp) paired with the... 
Need advice on Vandersteen VSMs
Senickols & Sdcampbell - Thanks sincerely for your suggestions. I'll decide on one of the routes you guys suggested. 
After all this: CRT HD Television it 'tis....
Warrenh, I got the 34" Widescreen Sony XBR and it's sweet. It's my 3rd XBR. I considered several plasmas (Fujitsu, Pioneer Elite) and LCD's (Samsung). The Sony picture is awesome. I bought it from ABT electronics (authorized Sony dealer). Delivere... 
Besides Audio, what other ''passion'' do you have?
Love to collect and drink wine + cookingTravelWorking out, runningEuropean Cars 
"Must-have" SACDs Out There
All of the MFSL SACD titles from Patricia Barber - Modern Cool, Nightclub, Companion & Cafe' Blue + Rebecca Piedgon - The Raven (Chesky Records) 
Good preamp suggestion for around $1000
Audio Research LS7 Tube Amp. Used for $700 
Vinyl Newbie Needs Help
Sonny Rollins - Saxaphone rocks man! The Sax will blow you awayRadiohead on vinyl...try that...greatest band on the planet. Have fun. 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
I Ran by Flock of Seagulls...still a great tune! 
High End Place / Store in Bahrain
Hi,I was born in Bahrain and grew up there for 14 years before moving to the US. Here's a place you want to try for your Audio needs ...Ambassador StoresPO Box 237, 141 Government Avenue, Manama, 304Tel: +00 ( 973 ) 225513 Fax: +00 ( 973 ) 223537 ... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
BMW 330iAcura TL Type S 
Looking for advice on the best CD/DVD player
Get a used Sony DVP9000ES for SACD & DVD capability. The unit is superb for both applications 
Best female vocalists on LP still available
Sarah McLachlan - Freedom Sessions, Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, Surfacing, Touch all available on vinyl (Classic records) 
Is it worth upgrading DVD to progressive scan?
You will be waiting for 2 years then...go ahead with a progressive scan player... 
anyone listened to groups DADA & BUTTERFLY JONES ?
I have owned Dada's Puzzle CD for years. Love that album. The guitarist is in the Mark Knopfler vein...very talented!