Best Ethernet player

Looking for opinions on what is the best network player in terms is sound quality. Budget: 2-3k
Squeezebox Transporter was a good start but has been updated in several years
Bryston has a player out that looks like it would be nice but is certainly pricy. I haven't heard or used one yet. Maybe a Mac Mini with a good internal SSD and external RAID system, coupled with either a good USB DAC or a good USB -> S/PDIF converter would be a good option?

The Logitech Transporter is considered to be an excellent unit. What did you find lacking?

This one caught my attention.

Its available only on europe tho.
Although I do still run a Logitech Squeezebox for my hi res music files, my favorite and least troublesome system has been my Sonos.

I realize that the Sonos has its limitations. It only does 16 bit 48khz files at most, but man, in terms of ease of setup and use, it can't be beat. I have mine pulling files off of a Synology NAS, so I don't have to leave a computer running and I've never had it do anything freaky requiring a reset. The software is also rock solid.

In terms of the "total package" the Sonos is really hard to beat. It is also compatible with a broad range of file formats.
I've been researching this myself. Haven't heard anything yet, but here are a few options I've found:

Linn Majik DS 1

Cambridge Audio NP 30

Ref to Stereophile article on Ethernet:
Linn klimax ds

Haven't heard any better, different perhaps - the list includes playback design, dcs, among others.