Best DVD player for redbook CD ???

I'm in the market for a DVD player in the 400-500 dollar (used) price range and value redbook CD as a top priority. What is best? Is it all pretty poor CD playback in that range? Do I just need to get a DAC?

I was thinking about a Rotel RDV 1050, Sony 9000 or 999...what else would you guys suggest?

If you can stretch a bit, or maybe negotiate some, I highly recommend this:

The redbook playback is as good or better than you will find for his asking price. Unfortunately, you missed out on the other one listed, which just sold for $625, the lowest recorded on A'gon and an incredable deal. Avg is about $1200.
I can't believe one sold for 625...I don't think he's going to budge on the 1100 price for quite a while on the one now. But I'll keep my eye out for other ones to come along. In the meantime, any other suggestions?

Thanks again for any and all help
Outboard DAC is a good option for you. I had the same dilemma a few years back trying to decide what to do with my old Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player. I figured the Sony would make a decent transport, and I decided to try then-famous MSB LinkDAC. I liked the result a lot. I still have the S7700 and MSB DAC combo in my listening room.
i have seen muse nine signature go for $750 - $900 (jb audiopimp and upscale audio)... i think $1100 is a bit much for a standard 9...
The one for $625 did have one functional issue, IIRC.
NOTE only the Gen 4 of the Muse ( plays CD-rs...
Buy a decent Dac.
There's a couple of Arcam Diva DV 88's currently being sold at your price range !
Excellent point KennyT and could be an important issue for some buyers. Since I have upgraded to the Model 10 which does play them, I forgot about that shortcoming. They can be later upgraded, if you are on that path.

Swampwalker, I didn't read the ad for the $625 unit closely enough. He rated it as 9/10 but then mentioned it didn't like to play some DVD's. The inability to play CD-R's and DVD-R's, is a function of the design.
I like the Toshiba SD-9200. I'm partial to the HDCD function.
Thanks for all the options...what's the view on the Arcam DV 88 players and the Toshiba 9200? How do those compare to say a basic player plus dac? What Dac would be best and most affordable?

Thanks so much for all the help
Justin you have a slew of good Dacs out there in your price range.Audio Mirror,The New Channel Islands VDA┬Ľ2 might be a winner. Also I've compared the Audio Sector NOS Dac to a Arcam DV27 which cost nearly 3 times of the DV88. The Audio Sector came out on top. The Audio Sector has also been compared against some of the modded SB2 or SB3 squeeze box units used with hard drive systems which are the rave now. The Audio Sector from a reliable source also out performed these units.Scott Nixons Dacs are another avenue. I'm sure others will give you more Dacs that perform well above their price point.

I believe the Arcam DV88 uses wolfson DACs.
So am I going to be better off going with the DV 88 or a cheaper transport and one of the above mentioned DACs?

Thanks again
hello jutjut,

If DVD playback and video quality is important to you then you're better off with the Arcam DV88