Best dd 5.1/dts processor for around 2k used

Hello all
looking to upgrade my proceed avp-s
wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the best combo pre-surround processor that does dd5.1, dts and limited video switching in a system that does 50/50 duty as a home theater and 2 channel set-up??
I have revel performa speakers all around, a rel sub woofer. proceed amps and an ecp 8000 projector fed by a faroudja vp201
my source is a cal audio cl2500 combo cd/dvd player
The Cal SSP-2500 is superior.
Aragon Stage One is nice with excellent analog passthrough for 2ch. Classe makes nice sounding equipment as well.

you think the unit is superior to the meridian 565/518/562 combo?
also, do you know if this unit (the cal) does any video switching?
You can pick up a Sunfire THeater Grande Mark II for between 1300 and 1600 new (b stock - unit is discountinued - replace by theater grande III). Replaced my Anthem AVM with one. Better sound all the way around. Does component, s-video, and composite switching.
DP37 -

The Cal does not switch. They made a VSW (video switcher) and a modified version, the VP (includes a scaler with Progressive out) that does this for Cal owners.

As for better than the Meridian set, yes, I think it is superior in 2 channel. I think the Cal also sounds better than the AVP/AVP-S which I love.

I will say this about Proceed though. I felt the PAV/PDSD combo is far superior to the AVP/AVP-S in 2 channel as well.
The Cal and PAV/PDSD were very close to one another in performance.

Of course I still run the incredible 5 channel amp of Cal Audio, the MCA-2500. I have had and not kept the likes of: Theta Dreadnaught, EAD PM-2000, Krell KAV-1500, SIMM Audio, Krell 350MC with 250/3, Proceed HPA-2/3, Levinson 334, and others from Parasound, Acurus, and the likes and even the Bryston/Lexicon amp, including the newer LX-7.
The Cal is the only amp in my system, and isn't leaving anytime soon!

At the $2k (used) price range, you should definitely put the Bryston SP-1 on your list of pre/pros to consider.
If you are want a mix of HT and 2 Channel I would suggest a Myryad MDP 500. The sound in two channel bypass is amazing! DTS and DD Are supurb!!!
I do love the sound of the avp-s
actually have considered upgrading to the avpII
my fear is that with cal "gone"
if anything goes wrong, getting service for the processor would be a beast
anyway, thanks for the input
i may have to look into the cal amplifier
i currently have and amp 5 anf hpa-2
Dp37 -

The service person (who is fabulous) to contact for Cal gear is:

Service for CL2500
Scott Morris Enterprises
1130 Hilfiker Drive
Arcata, CA 95521

EAD Ovation-8.Soon upgrades for neo6 dts,PLIIand more.
I agree with Kgveteran. The EAD Theatermaster Ovation is killer. Kicks both in stereo and 5.1