Best CD sleeves out there

I am wondering what everyone's opinion is of the best cd sleeves on the market right now. I volunteer at my local library and I have to replace about 5000 jewel boxes with sleeves to save room...we have run out of space and we need to make the switch asap. I am interested in long time durability, ease of use, and the capacity to stick the liner notes/leaflet in the sleeve with the cd. A deejay told me he uses Tyvek sleeves...any opinions out there?
I'm unfamiliar w/ Tyvex sleeves but this company makes some very useful sleeves that even include separate pockets for the CD, liner notes, and label:
Try these folks too. as well as
They do make skinny "jewel boxes"...about half the thickness of the common ones.
I use "Slappa" cases for kids DVD's.
I second Nsgarch with the Discosox recommendation. I keep all my CDs in them (about 1,00 now). When I get a new CD, I open the box, grab the booklet, and slip it in a DiscSox. Then I rip the disc to my harddrive and put it all away for safekeeping. At the same time I toss the jewelcase - those things even clog up my wastebasket.

The pleasant thing is that a tray of Sox is much like flipping through a miniature record bin.
They are not cheap but they are the best I've found.
Any difference between DiscSox DJ Sleeves and Jewelsleeves? I am about to sleeve 1000+ discs...
I actually ended up purchasing DiscSox.
No difference.
Thanks - going the Jewelsleeve route. I don't look forward to the actual sleeving though...
i get the impression the jewelsleeves don't accomodate the tray card? and that the discsox DJ pro do?

Jewelsleeve does accomodate tray card. I can confirm this, as I just did a batch...