Best cartridge for Planar 25

We've eliminated Grado and Rega cartridges, now what about the high output Dynavectors and Benz Ace? Thank you for your input.
I thought the Dynavector was nice but seemed a little to sterile and polite. I also used a Signet 5.0 MR- mmmm - Just a sight bit more excitment. Then, I sold the P25 for a 3. Then, I found an old REK-O-KUT. Now that's a turntable! I felt stupid owning anyother table since. (BTW- I had a LINN Sondek prior to the P25. For around $100 (used of course) the REK-O-KUT is a NO BRAINER!. Email me if you need more help. I hate seeing people getting caught up with gear that just ain't what it's really cracked up to be. Start out with a great table then you won't have to ponder over cartridges. Good Luck!
I'm not sure what the point of lucidshow's tangent was, as long as you have a decent table to DO have to "ponder over cartridges." I'd suggest you check out the Benz ACE or the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S. Both are great price/performance cartridges. To help a recommendation it would be good to know what sort of phono stage are you using.

The phono stage is custom built tube, so matching should be no problem as we will change what needs to be changed. Thank you for responses.
MY tangent should be clear- The REGA 25 ain't so great as everyone says they are. You can put the most expensive cartridge on it and it will just sit there looking pretty and sounding pretty boring. Tangent part 2- The REK-O-KUT is a great table and everyone including "BLACKIE" should audition one instead of getting sucked in to these overpriced tweakers.
Denon USA (310-974-1010, no other way to reach them that I know of) will sell you the old classic DL 103D for pennies under $229. I'll soon be getting mine and trying it with a Rega 25, which has a Goldring 1012 now. If you can wait and contact me, I'll let you know how the Denon seems to me. I had one years ago, and loved it, but in a different system.
I purchased a Benz Micro ACE low output for my Basis 1400. It has an Origin Live RB300 tonearm. My phono preamp is an Electrocompaniet ECP-1. I'm very happy with the cartridge, and glad that I didn't go with the Dynavector. I thought the Dyna was a little too much on the top end and lean on the low end. The ACE is even handed from top to bottom, and the backround is BLACK. Detail retrieval is excellent and the soundstaging is superior to many CD rigs regardless of cost. It's not the best, but it is a hell of a lot of performance for the money, and you would be hard pressed to do better at or near $700.00. How will it work with the Rega? I couldn't tell you, but I doubt very highly that the results would differ that greatly from the Basis.
lucidshow, Celtic66 was not asking about turntables and seems happy with the Planar 25. I haven't been "sucked in" to anything, I use my ears to determine what I feel is a good value, not hype.