Best cartridge for Breuer 8C

I´ve read a lot about Breuer tonearm on this forum.
But have yet never read any recomendation on suitable cartridge.
Several has related to "someone else" for
Seems like no one has any ansver.
I would very much like to know why?

Being helped makes you want to help.
....any of the wood or stone bodied Koetsu cartridges (I have used the Urushi and Onyx) – a musical and luscious sound field, very lovely. The Lyra Titan also works well (if not a bit on the analytical side).

Those are certainly a good starting point.
I used an onyx Koetsu with my Breuer and it was fine. Also tried a Lyra
argoi and it worked fine.
I've owned several Breuer tonearms and visited with Mr. Breuer in his shop and his home in Switzerland many years ago when I brought limited numbers of them into the USA.

The Breuer tonearm was originally designed to operate with a modified EMT fitted with an aluminum cantilever and custom Van den Hul diamond.

I owned several Breuer EMT cartridges, they are very dynamic but difficult to set up properly and loading is hyper critical. Back in the day I got good results with Dynavector cartridges but I've have not heard newer (such as XV1s) mounted in a Breuer.

I would have suggested the Breuer/EMT but it isn't available (and hasn't for a long time) an alternative then is the Brinkmann/EMT (similar but different - a classic audio term) :)+

Great arm though, although so many people have never seen or heard it. It is on display at Sound by Singer on, would you believe it, a Brinkmann table.


I have been using a Breuer 8C MK II for a few months now, and it replaced a Schroder DPS with Ref magnets.

For me the Breuer has been the best arm I have ever owned. I have had many through my place too!

To answer your question, I am using the Dynavector XV-1s and love the sound it gives me. Friends with the same arm, have used the Miyabi Standard, Lyra Titan i, VanDenHul Colibri custom for Breuer, and finally a new one that Thomas of TW Acustics has been enjoying a lot, is the Allaerts cartridges.

The Breuer 8c MKII has a two piece counterweight so it can accomidate carts that are over 12 grams now. But it will not balance my 9 gram Miyabi/47. SO the are is still a little picky as to what it will work with. But the counterweight is an easy fix.
Thank You!
You all music lovers for such a nice response.
Breuer seem to accommodate quiet a few cartridges with pleased result.
Now I definitely have something to consider.
How about internal wires (is there options), are they one length to RCA connectors or do you have a separate cabel between arm-phonostage.
How about setup, is it difficult compared to SME V.
Do you also use a specific protractor for best result.
Appreciate your response.

Thanks again!
I use a Wally Tractor for my setup. Hard to get your hands on one though. I use Loefgren geometry.
It is farily easy to setup like all typical slotted headshell type arms. The pivot to spindle must be exact though!
I terminated mine with an RCA block off of my armboard and use an RCA to RCA phono cable. AS for internal wiring my friends had theirs rewired in Germany with a fully terminated cable, cart clips to RCA. Breuer just supplies the arm with his silver wire unterminated I beleive, that is the way mine came.

Thanks Pcosta!
Nice to know that full length cartridge-RCA cabel is available.
I must say You have a wonderful system, I envy.
If I had a system like that I propably never go to bed.

Many Thanks!
Thanks for the compliments, a good dealer, some friends a lot of time and patiencs, and money got me that setup. It is all fun though. I am really lucky to be able to afford some of this stuff.

The full length wiring is not done by Mr.Breuer, Thomas from TW had his redone by a fellow in Germany. He has done many now for other customers.
The silver wiring supplied with a new Breuer is very fragile, and must be handle with care especially the cartridge tags. For me it does not matter as i do not switch cartridges that often, but Thomas and others who play more than most people, found the cartridge tags did not last long on the wire supplied by Breuer.