Best Bass On CD Vote 2001=JAMES CARTER

Sure, in past years I would have nominated a number of killer bass cd's including recordings by Migus, Pastorius, Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, Husky Jr, B White, TLC, R.L. Jones,the list goes on,and on, but right now my vote(it's my post) and until I am otherwise convinced, the undisputed winner and all time (at least 2001) champion of the killer bass (i.e. may blow your shit up unless got bagend or comparable <30hz) award goes to JAMES CARTERS'Chasin the Gypsy. Rules: No synth'o'poo, real instruments, albeit close mic'ed and wet, and not limited to for example the unF#$@%ingbelievable bass sax on JC's cd,but open to any instrument including voice. Other rules may follow. I am watching you guys and you too-few-gals and insist you keep it on topic. Long live Django!!!
Damn, I had that disk in my hand yesterday and put it back. How 'bout track 7 of the new Patricia Barber?
Andy McKee's "Sound Roots" for acoustic bass or Midnite's "Ras Mek Peace" for electric bass. Not to mention, "Sound Roots" is my favorite recording in our catalog.
YOu are not getting my vote.
For second place I am declaring a tie between Victor Wooten's 2 cd Yin-Yang.
Stu: On your recomendation I picked up this disc. Wow is that first track fun or what? I would have to agree that this is one of the best recorded albums I've heard in a long time. I still think "Autumn Leaves" has one of the best bass solos this millenium so my opinion is unchanged but thanks for the tip.
... er, that's on Patricia Barbers' "Nightclub"
I second eldon's recommendations. I don't have JC's this CD but I have his two previous ones. Yes the unF#$@%ingbelievable bass sax on JC's cd is surely a rare find. It scares the s*%t out of me for my speakers sake every time I play them! This means that probably I should get this one.
what about organs(stop laughing d#mn it), check out Messiaen: pentecost mass DE-3147. Unreal, warning don't try unless you think your woofers can handle it.