Best Bargain on Wilsons: Which Model or Version?

I have heard a few pairs of Wilson Watt Puppies, including the WP VII's not so long ago which I thought sounded pretty good.

Just guessing but I would expect the Series I, II etc are a LOT cheaper, in part because they were about half the price when they were new.

Could someone please explain the finer points of buying used WP's and which version gives the best performance per used dollar?

Thank you.
For my $.02 the best value for the $ are the W/P series of speakers.

As to what series to purchase, is a matter of how much money you have allocated for your speakers. If you have 10K then buy the WP/6's and enjoy. The WP/5's are going to sound very nice but will drop that extra full or 1/2 octave that the 6 and 7 Puppy cabinets provide.

I'm the second owner of a pair of Watt I's/ Puppy 2's, These have been very well cared for and have continued to grow with each improvement in my electronics. Friends with very good ears come over and are amazed in the dimension, stage, and dynamicss of speakers that were designed and built probably some 17-20 years back.

The purists are going to jump all over this but I went and listened to a pair of the WP/7's and I bet that I have 92% of the sound VS new.

Happy Shopping
I suggest the WP 5/5.1. For around $5000 they are very hard to beat. But, while the speaker is a bargin beware of the collateral costs involved. They like space and a room with minimal reflections. They are very demanding of the upstream electronics. So, at the end of the day, you might actually spend more to make them work than say a pair of Sophias with modest electronics.

The 5.1's I have are a royal pain, but they can sing if you spend the time, money and effort necessary. I'm convinced the main reason they have a reputation is they are so difficult to deal with and few have heard them at their absolute best. You have to build your whole system around them, not the other way around. I can see why so many simply dismissed them out of hand for that reason.

Thanks - you are confirming my suspicions that although noticably better, the newer series WP's are substantially more expensive per unit of high end sound.

17-20 years was a surprise to me.

I used to enjoy a friends pair who purchased them circa 1993, so maybe that was a series II or III?
Well I am going to play the Devil's advocate here because I have owned WP5.1,WP6, Maxx l's, X-1 Series lll and now X-2.

They are all terrific speakers BUT my recommendation to get the best bang for your buck is NOT to buy any of those used but rather buy a NEW pair of Sophias. For the money and with the correct gear they kick ass. They are absolutely wonderful. My advice is to audition them and find a dealer with a reasonable price and you will thank me.

here are my X-2's