Best Amp/Pre-amp Combo for 1500

What would be the best amp/pre-amp combo for no more than $1500 total? Only solid state gear.
For the amount of money you specify, your best bet might be a top quality integrated amp, such as the Bryston B-60, the Creek 5350SE, or the Musical Fidelity (sold by Audio Advisor).
I've always been curious about Musical Fidelity. Audio Advisor has that 30 day return policy, too.
Best combo for $1500 could be secondhand McCormack DNA-1 or DNA-.5 amps and the TLC-1 or get lucky ALD-1 pre. Nondeluxe DNA-1's are going for $800 somehow, and saw a deluxe .5 for right around there recently. That leaves $700 to find a McCormack pre. Good luck.
Spectral DMC-10 and DMA-50 for around $1500. Very high
end and very high resolution. Beats any combo mentioned
above plus Spectral service is first rate.
I agree with the that range, check out the integrateds. Popular opinions have seemed to change over the last few years. Many people are now saying that integrateds can be better than seperates. Apparently, the shorter signal path is now more important than the isolation. Most high-end companies are making excellent integrated amps, and for $1500, you should be able to buy a great one (especially on the used market).
How about letting us know what type of speakers your using, types of music that dominate your listening time, size of your room, etc... This would give those willing to suggest something a little better idea as to where your coming from. After all, something that requires LOTS of power will never work well with a small ( yet excellent sounding ) amp, bass heavy speakers will not work with "warm" electronics, etc... There is a LOT more to building a GOOD SYSTEM than just buying "good components" and wiring them all up. It is a matter of finding pieces that work together for best system synergy. Sean
i highly recommend electrocompaniet, if ewe insist on solid-state. check out the ec-3 or ec-4 integrated, or an ec-4.5 or ec-4.6 preamp w/an electrocompaniet amp - aw60/75/100. if ya buy used, it will be ~$1500.

personally, i'd recommend an electro amp w/a (melos) tube preamp - this combo works great for me. alternatively, i'd check out the pathos classic one integrated amp - a hybrid, w/solid-state amp & tubed preamp. retailing for ~$2k, i've seen it used for ~$1200. it has remote control & is drop-dead georgeous, if appearance means anything to ya... ;~)

good luck, doug s.

After my initial post, a few other thoughts struck me. If you are willing to buy used gear, you should seriously consider the Adcom GFP-750 preamp, one of the best on the market (rated a "Class A" component by Stereophile). The "750" is often listed on Audiogon for about $750, and you will simply not do better for the money. You could pair the GFP-750 with used amps from Adcom (5500), B&K, or Rotel and have a very nice system for under $1500.
Used you could do a Conrad Johnson PF2 and MF2200 for around $1500.
How about pairing a set of Audiosource monoblocks and a Teac "Gold Faced" preamp ? You can get these BRAND NEW for well under $1500 from J & R Music World. The "cool" thing is that all of these components are "pint sized" and they won't take up much room at all. You'll be the envy of EVERYONE that you know......

C'mon people. BE FOR REAL. How can you make blind ( and deaf ) suggestions with NO background on the situation whatsoever ??? You have NO idea as to what this person listens to, what the source components are, the sonics of the speakers or what kind of a load they would present to the amp, how big the room is, what kind of cables they're using, etc....

Seeing stuff like this reminds me of walking into Best Buy or Circuit City. They have what are SURELY the best components for you, regardless of the situation.... Sean

PS... bring on the negative votes. I thought that this thread and others like it need a BIG dose of "reality" injected. No offense to the original poster who might not have known what is really needed for someone to make "educated" suggestions.
sean, not that i disagree w/what yure saying, but my recommendations stand *regardless* of what speakers are being used - unless they're some 96+ db-efficient horns or something. then, i'd recommend some low-powered 2a3 single-ended amps, but don't know enuff about 'em to make a brand-specific recommendation.... ;~)

regards, doug s.

If we needed the intimate details of someone's life to make recommendations, this website would be pointless. When I am given recommendations, I check them out and see which ones suit my needs and tastes. That CJ combo is great for $1500. The amp is 200 watts per channel. Can't get that usually in an good integrated.
to whoever gave me negative wotes on my last post - what's the problem? was i rude, or insulting to anyone? kinda ridiculous to give someone negative wotes for them yust expressing their opinions that may not jive w/yours, imho.

i've tried the above-mentioned electro/melos amp/pre w/thiel's, meret's, proac's, nht's, totem's - *always* a musical sound. sure, ewe can spend months (years?) seeking out that *special* synergy for your speakers for $1500, but hey - what's wrong w/yust getting someting decent & listening to the music? i agree w/sugarbrie - use these recommendations as a guide to help narrow your choice. ewe may disagree w/me - fine, but i'm sure it wood be more helpful to others, if, like sean, ewe told us *why*, instead of yust pinging me w/negative wotes.

regards, doug s.

Doug, take my word for it, it wasn't me. I think you know, and by reading your post you acknowledge this, that i wouldn't do that. Like you, i'd rather exchange information, compare notes and experience and maybe learn a little something along the way.

As such, i wouldn't worry about ANY votes. While i have seen more new faces popping up lately (and that's good), i have also noticed a decline in content from some of the "regulars" (and that's bad ). I encourage EVERYBODY that has VALID & HONEST thoughts, opinions and experiences to post what is on their mind. Fear not the "vote counter" BUT let's keep it civil. I think that we've done a good job of doing that as of late.

It doesn't matter what someone votes, as we are here to help and learn from each other. A "peanut-head" with a "peanut-sized brain" can't put together enough words to form a sentence to tell you why they disagree, so they point and click. Luckily, wiping drool from their chin doesn't take much skill either.

When this place becomes so "censored" that even the "regulars" are afraid to be hurt in "balloting" is when something is wrong. While it's nice to be "thanked" or "agreed with" via positive votes, what do they get you in the "real world" ??? After all, only YOU and Audiogon know what the total is. Who is going to know what you've accumulated unless you tell them ???

For the record, the information that Audiogon posted about people that obtain X amount of positive votes being "recognized" must be fictitious. For the record, i currently have 191 / 177 positive votes and i haven't received ANY type of reward let alone the CTC Blowtorch that i was hoping for... : ) Sean
Sedond, both posts are now in the *pwus* catagory. As far as the recomendations I agree with Sean, in that knowing what his future plans, and cable budget may determine what would be the best set-up to go with.
hey, no money - *tanks*! ;~)

sean, as i said, i know ya dint ping me - ewe seem to have a brain! :>) and, no, like ewe, i don't worry about wotes before i post, it wood be too stifling. but, i *do* like to bring it up when it's not properly used, i.e., when someone is not being abusive or rude. if ya yust happen to disagree w/someone - state yer disagrements - negative woting does *not* aid in the discussion or gaining of knowledge.

doug s.

ps - sean, w/a *woting record* similar to yours (a bit higher w/the 1st #, a bit lower w/the 2nd), i too, believe a-gon's *recognition* claim is a scam. where's my prize?!? ;~)