Synergistic Designers Reference? FIM? XLO?
None of the mentioned - becasue the best is STEALTH Varidig:
depends your system ,my choice is xlo limited edition.
There is no "best", there's only "best synergy"...for me it happens to be Purist (salve Albert) or XLO Limited. (greetings Adsal)
I agree with "no best". I have used Cardas, Illuminations Orchid, and AudioTruth Falcon. In my system the Falcon was the best followed by the Cardas and then the Orchid. If you were to do a survey on these 3 I would expect the Orchid would come out on top--which is why I bought one in the first place--but in my system it did not.
Yes, a cable that sounds best in one system doesn't necessarily sounds better than other cables in a different system, but when many systems are analysed, it becomes possible to find a cable that sounds better than others on the vest majority of systems - because of it's design superiority :-)
I have a Levinson front end, but preferred the Cardas AES/EBU to Madrigal's own digital cable.
I like the Illuminations Orchid! Try many cables untill you find the one that works the best with your equipment. by the way its hard to recomend a cable without knowing your system. check out the cable company, they have a loaner system. Good luck.