Best 6SN7 TUBES out there

hi, looking for best 6SN7 tubes to compliment my Cary Audio SL 80 F1 signature intergrated amp? I have old NOS 6SN7 made in China and have tried Shugaung NATURAL SOUND CV181-T / 6SN7...not overly impressed. Tried 1952 Slyvania bad boys, but tubes were dead. Listen to all kinds of music but prefer clear kids to high vs huge bass slam. Any ideas and places to go other than tube depot or tube store? Looking for reputable on.line store with NOS type tubes, unless you feel there are better new tubes. Thank you.
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The recommendation of the Shuguang WE6SN7Plus tubes is an excellent choice, just installed a new pair in a Dragon Inspire headphone/preamp and with 60 hours on them, I have moved on to other things. Enjoy the music
I like NOS GEs (compared to many others that live in a crowded tube drawer) and they seem plentiful and relatively inexpensive.
For new tubes the Shuguang Dawning Series WE6SN7 PLUS are excellent. I'm actually surprised how good they are. Give them around 100 plus hrs. to settle down. 
Otherwise, you'll spend much more for Tung-Sol round plates or Sylvania 6sn7w tubes. These will give you the sound you are looking for.
Fortunately a fellow audigon member was kind enough to lend me a pair of Amperex Navy-CEP 6922/7308s (early 60's, grey shield, large halo getter and a pair of Ken Rad VT-231s (early 40's, w/black, staggered plates and copper rods) to try. For those who are interested in how they sound in my Cary Audio SL-80 F1 signature,  let me know. Thanks everyone for your input.