Best 200 watt x 5 amp for the money?

I'm looking to replace a nest full of 2 channel amps with something more powerful. I've been considering the ATI 2505, parasound 2205, sherbourne.or ? Anyone out there have any experience with these? My other components are a DC-1, and a Snell 7.1 THX speaker system with 2 passive Snell 12" subs. Thinking of using 2 channels for the subs, 3 for the front array and some of my others for surrounds. I like my music too, but have two other music systems.
Have you considered the Aragon 8008b 5 channel.
200 real watts , super high current...takes 2 to lift it.
If you can find one should be under 2k.
3 channel goes for about 1500 or so...
The ATI is not bad for the money as well...
just my 2 cents..
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The new ATI 3000 series amps look pretty awesome. Word is sound quality is going to be amazingly high for the price.
I went from a krell kav 500 to the sherbourn 5210, the sherbourn is the best bang for the buck out there , IMO, bridgeable, dual power cords , individual transformers for each channel, quit, and very smooth sound, it has cured me of big money amps, good luck
Take a look at the Anthem multichannels. The older 5 channel is the MCA5, newer one is MCA50. They are also available in 2 and 3 channel versions. Great deals for the price. Solid and sound pretty good.

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Parasound 2505AT.FET's in output stage.A Bit Tube like.Highly reviewed.JD

I like all three of your choices (Parasound, Sherbourn and ATI). But you might want to add Outlaw to your list of choices as well. I think that their Model 755 is also a 200W x 5 design, and if I am not mistaking, that amp retails for under $1,600.00 as well. I also tend to like the Anthems as well. With all of these "moderately priced, but super powered" amps around that are almost good enough to give the Krells and Levinsons a good run for their money, who needs to spend a ton of money on a Krell or a Mark Levinson????

Also, have you considered Bryston as well???

To add another option to the wonderful selection of amps above, I enjoy the sound of the Enlightened Audio Design PowerMaster 1000. As compared to my older Nakamichi and Citation 7.1 amps; the EAD had a fuller, richer sound. EAD no longer makes the PM1000 but you should be able to find one used.
Is there any truth to the suggestion that the ATI and Outlaw are same except the case and front panel?
Have you considered the Rotel RMB-1095?
for the money, the Sherbourn is hard to beat. It's a knockoff of the Bryston.
I found this on the Sherbourn, ATI, and Outlaw being mostly the same machine.
Defintely take a look at the Classe CAV 180 (Listed for $2800 recently on audiogon) It is 180 watts but the rating of watts is the most ambiguous topic in audio. Also the CAV 75 which is 75 watts x 6 can be used for 3 channels bridged at 150 watts and used with your current 2 channel amp. Classe is true high end over the likes of rotel etc...
Classe amps are built like tanks - My only other thought would be a Bryston amp which also lays waste to most others in that price range
I saw a B&K Sonata 5ch. amp for $4-$600 that is a sweet deal.The thing I like about the B&K's are that you can tweek it to improve the sonics for low cost.
I think the Outlaw Model-755 is easily the best bang for the buck five channel amp out there. I've read that Outlaws are actually ATI amp's with a different face plate. 200WPC@8Ohms and 300wpc@4Ohms with all channels driven 20Hz to 20Khz, two transformers, etc. A very nuetural and detailed sounding amp. Do a search and you will find some very nice reviews or visit Outlaw's home page. Oh yeah, it also has a three year warranty and Outlaw offers a 30 day in-home trial period. Very hard to beat at $1299.
I second the opinion for the EAD Power Master 1000. I own this unit and it really performs great. In 2 channel music it does a superb job. You should be able to find one used on A-gon for under $2k and it is well worth it. There is a reason that all 3 of their Power Master series have a solid "5" rating on Audioreview. Best of luck.

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I thrid the motion for the EAD. Your in!
Theta Dreadnought 200X5 is the Best for HT and 2 channel.
The theta is highly over rated for the money! The spend a graet deal on magazine reviews the same as Krell, Bryston ETC. Put it side by side with the EAD 6300 in HT or stereo and you will become an EAD believer! But these are opinions and you know how that works_ we all have one.
How's 425w x 5???
I really like everything about this amp:
Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature II
Small in size, practically no heat,
XLR and RCA inputs
Auto turn on/off
Nice looks and build quality
Excellent reviews
Power to spare
and.... sounds so sweet

good luck