Berkeley direct to Spectral Amp?

Is it safe to use a Berkeley Alpha DAC run directly to a Spectral DMA 180? Spectral of course states that the amp should only be used with a Spectral preamp and MIT cables due to the high band width and possible oscillation. I do use all MIT cables but would like to run the BADA straight, as recommended by Berkeley. I also do not want to see smoke coming from the amp or my speakers! If anyone has the technical knowledge to evaluate this I would love to hear some thoughts.

I bought the amp just a short time ago and it had issues with the left channel so it is at Spectral now having all the transistors replaced. I had thought about selling it because of my fondness for the Alpha DAC but I think it would sound much better than the Krell FPB 600c I use now. I do not want to risk any damage to it, especially after the work that is being done but man is it a piece of work. If I could find a way to keep it I think I would get the clear top, this is turning into a sick relationship!

Is this a real risk? I just do not have the technical knowledge to know...? Any experiences or thoughts related would be greatly appreciated...
Ask Spectral. I'm sure they are very familiar with the Alpha DAC.
Robert Harley, in his review of the Berkeley Alpha DAC, connected it directly to the Spectral DMA-360 amps, with MIT Oracle MA interconnects, driving Wilson X2 Seies 2 speakers. Here's a link to the online version of the review:
wow, great point. i have read it many times but did not think about that detail.
Richard...just to be safe, I would check with Spectral anyway. Good luck
i know what spectral will say for certain. unless it is the "s" designated amps, all of their amps are only to be used with spectral preamps and spectral/mit cables. i just wondered what folks outside of spectral/spectral dealers thought of the real world risks.

thanks much for the input. should post a message on forums the amps section asking for RH's input. He should be helpful on how he set it up.
i did post a message in his system setup area after i read your comment above, thanks. your suggestion would have been a more appropriate forum but that was the only one i found at the time. if nothing else, i found a new resource. i never really read through that site and there is quite a bit of good stuff.
yep...good luck and hope it works out.
This is a link to Reference Recordings Berkeley Dac to Spectral DMA-180 direct.

As a Former BADA DAC owner you can run the Berekely direct with a Spectral amp. A universal Spectral amp is preferred but not necessary. For safe operation Spectral recommends MIT SPK. As I stated in another Spectral thread the DMA-180 is not compatible with the standard MIT Oracle cables. The amp may have oscilation issue. Mit 850EVO REF SPK,was the last generation cable used with the DMA-180 series 2.
that is fascinating lawrence. i am getting so much conflicting information as i research this. there is a post on the a/v guide forum that says berkeley uses spectral amps in their voicing, not sure if it is true but i would not be surprised at all given the relationship. then of course i also just got another firm suggestion not to do this from a tech at goodwins . he had discussed it with spectrals tech and, of course, was told not do it.

what the heck!!!
Well Spectral wants you to buy their Amp, Pre Amp, and Cd player. Why would they want you to use something else!
> that is fascinating lawrence. i am getting so much conflicting information as i research this. there is a post on the a/v guide forum that says berkeley uses spectral amps in their voicing, not sure if it is true

Yes, it is true - I have talked to them. The question is, do they use a preamp. Let me just simply say that, what you are asking to do, probably everyone does it and don't admit it; Harley did it and he is one of the few ones brave enough to say so... Guess what I do...
Why would you use a preamp anyway?
I do not know how to call this?
There's no problem to connect a Alpha dac or any other dac with volume control (like dCS etc) in any amplifier.
Also for cables there are many times better cables out there than MIT.
This "obligatory" tactics are b.s.
The only thing is if you like what you hear or not.

I have a friend with full Spectral system and a dCS puccini player, when he connects his player directly he cries about the money spent on preamp.
There is no difference sonicwise.

Happy listenings.

the issue is not that the mit cables are "the best" rather their design is unique and prevents oscillation in spectral amplifiers. this is not marketing hype as many will attest to seeing them fry. it is not a sonic matter although fried amps do sound pretty bad!
I have been using my dCS Elgar plus as a preamp directly into my Spectral 360s for some years. Never had any problems. Cables MIT Oracle 2.1 prolines.
A Spectral 30SS (of 30SL) is on my buying list but I really can't say I am unhappy now.