Benz Glider vs Dynavector DV-17D3 phono cartridge

I have a Townshend Rock MkIII table with a Rega 300 arm. I am currently using an older Glider high output cartridge that I need to replace. My phono preamp is the Ray Samuels Nighthawk which can accomodate a low output cartridge. I value midrange purity in voices and a lively, true to the rhythm sound. I listen to a wide range of music from symphonies to folk. I am looking at cartridges that I can secure in the $1000 range and right now am looking at the new Benz Glider or Dynavector DV-17D3 cartridges, but I am also open to other options. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

My opinion. If you were going to keep the Rega then go with the Benz. If you are planning on upgrading the Rega in the near future then go with the Dynavector.

Just my opinion and you have narrowed it down to two good choices.


Thanks for your response. I do plan on keeping the Rega for the near future. Why do you feel the Benz is a better match for the Rega arm? Thanks
Both are a good match (warning - dealer disclaimer - I sell both of these cartridges).

The 17d3 is a bit more robust down low than the Benz is however, and with the Rega's tendency to exaggerate this frequency band, you might find the Dyna/Rega combo to a bit be too much - even if you were to perform counterweight mods.

For this reason, I'd stay with the Glider/Artisan Tutti.

This is close, and if you did not have both cartridges to compare against, I doubt you'd care.

Thom @ Galibier
I'm going to bump and hijack this thread. I am having the same dilemma, both of these carts have great things said about them. I see above that my rega rb250 arm may be a better match with the Benz but I want to be sure since I really don't plan on buying anything else past this point.

My setup: funk firm turntable with rb250, dynavector p75mk2 preamplifier.

Current cart is a denon dl-160 and I like it but would like to explore the higher ranges.

You might look into Pete Riggles VTA. A very cheap upgrade for the Rega. Stick with the Denon.
The mounting collar allows me to adjust the VTA just fine.

One online review site saw fit to mate the funk turntable/rb250 combo to a Van De Hul Condor, staying with the budget Denon doesn't make sense to me if my setup can achieve more.
Personally I think that Lyra carts are better (maybe just different) then Benz. I have heard the glider and ace in a VPI acout but I prefered the Lyra Dorian. Remeber this is my opinion.
Try to find both second hand, as they are build to last.

If your music preference is so variety, suggest you to get a cartridge will less color & charactor but high revelation of fine details. My opinion, EMT TSD-15 (without shell)