Bent cantilever on Exact 2......oops

As I was removing an LP from the platter last night, I accidently hit the back of my hand into my Rega Exact 2 cartridge, and now the cantilever is bent. The "new" position is about 10 - 15 degrees inward, and about 10 degrees downward. It still seems to be tracking normally, and after playing several familiar tracks after "the accident," I cannot perceive of any changes in the sound of music.

What should I do ? Buying a new cartridge is not part of my overall household budget right now. Since the music still sounds great, can I just keep playing my LP's without worry ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

It could be pay now or pay later! If you intend to keep using you may want to re-line the stylus....Or you could damage your favorite records.
Well, with a very steady pair of hands, a pair of 3.5 X magnifying loupes and bright headlight, and a fine nosed tweezer and probe (I'm a dentist, so this is part of my "regular stuff"), I was able to correctly re-position the cantilever/stylus assmbly into its proper place. It sort of "popped" right back into position. Everything seems properly lined up, and I feel a lot better.

What was pretty cool about doing this was the fact that this was the first time I ever used my magnifying loupes to look at the stylus/cantilever set-up. Very neat.....
Cantilevers are coated with very hard (brittle) materials. Once it is bent the sonic characteristics of the cantilever have been forever changed. You may or may not be able to bend it back but ever if you do, it has been compromised.
Adam18-I almost glossed over that you made two posts here and that you are a dentist. When I first read your post I thought you were some poor kid or a married man whose wife rules the checkbook. I have never heard of a poor dentist. Geez, I thought you guys were the ones buying all the mega expensive gear and not Rega Exact cartridges let alone saying replacing one you ruined isn't in your budget. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Maybe you just got out of dental school and you owe a zillion dollars in student loans.
Yah,One Root Canal should cover that situation nicely!
Hey Mepearson and Thorman.......Maybe you guys should re-examine your priorities.....My wife and I just donated $ 10,000.00 to our local food banks to help feed our neighborhood's construction workers and emergency medical providers who are out of work due to this recession that seems to be affecting everyone except you two. So, you're right.... a new cartridge purchase is the last thing I need to spend money on right now. So, why don't you think a moment before you ridicule somebody's financial situation ???
Just trying to Poke a little fun! Sorry you didn't see it that way..Cetainly no offense intended........
Okay, Thanks Thorman....No offense taken ! I appreciate your concern, and in the great words of Led Zeppelin, we simply had a little "communication breakdown....." All is cool.
So back to my original seems as if I successfully re-positioned the cantilever/stylus assembly back into its normal position, and after playing eight LP sides yesterday, I cannot hear any problems with the sound of music, and the arm/cartridge is tracking perfectly (or so it seems.) Do you think I'm okay ?
I had the same thing happen with a Grado Gold a few years ago..I bent it very slighty and I was afraid I would damage my records if I didn't straighten it out..I was very carefull and very gently ( with minature tweezers and magnified light ) straighten it back to very close to normal ( visually ) and had good luck for about 20 hours or so..( just a guess for time ) and one day while listening and enjoying myself the music went black...The stylus was gone...Who knows you may be lucky and never have another problem with it.. Good luck anyway.....
Thanks Thorman.....I'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope to have luck with this. By the way, if my cartridge does indeed fail, what should I consider as a replacement other than a new Exact 2 ? I really love how the music sounds the way my system is now, and I truly believe that the idea of Rega cartridge -- Rega arm -- Rega table creates a wonderful synergy. I'd want to stay wth MM or a high output MC, as I want to continue to use my amp's onboard phono stage. So, I'm hoping NOT to need to buy a new cartridge, but, just in case, I'll need some good options.
Maybe some other Audiogon Rega Turntable owners can help you out..I don't have a Rega table and would not want to recommend a cartridge that I haven't tried...Maybe start another thread asking that question....Good luck
Adam18, I am glad to see that others are showing their charitable side. I too have been making several monitary donations to foodbanks and shelters. The economy has put many individuals and families into situations that are putting quite a burden on community resources. I am very lucky to be able to help out and I am blessed that I can support some worthy causes. Good listening to you!
I'd be afraid of record damage.I installed the $50. audio-technica at-95emm that mike Fremmer recommended on my friends rotel and was rather impressed with cost to performance as compared to my $800. clearaudio on my rega.I'd think about that before risking damage.You could always put it on a cheap table later when your budget allows.
I had good results from an Exact/P5 combo and when Iupgraded to the P7 I chose a DV20XH cartridge - a step above the Exact in detail and musicality. My Exact is now my backup cartridge.