What about diamond cantilever/stylus combo

In the so called 'MM thread' J. Carr explained the differences between cantilever materials.The advantage of aluminum cantilever being that the stylus can be pressure
fitted while by the so called 'exotic cantilevers' the stylus need to be glued in the cantilevers. There are different conditions which the cantilever need to satisfy
in order to ,uh, satisfy the preferences of an designer. J. Carr also explained why he prefers boron cantilevers. Now I own the Sony XL 88 as well as the Sony XL 88 D.
'D' referring to the cantilever and stylus made from one piece of diamond. But here is my confusion. Both carts have the same 'generator' and also the same technical specs. But 'soundwise' they are as different as an Lada and an Ferrari (by way of speaking or by exaggeration). The comparisson between French wines as well between the French chief cooks come to mind.BTW the pudding will also do. Without any technical pretenitons I would think that the only explantion for the mentioned difference should be the diamond cantilever/stylus combo. If it was possible I would gladly retip my chosen MC carts with such cantilever/ stylus combo and pay, say, $1500 for the jewel. Now if there is demand then there should be supply? The question is if there is 'interesting demand' for the possible producer(s)?

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Hello Nandric.

I have a Koetsu with the diamond cantilever / diamond stylus ground from one piece of diamond. The sound is superb - yes, like a Grand Cru Burgundy, as opposed to a new world pinot noir. I would think that this is, in part, due to the lack of an intervening layer of adhesive between stylus and cantilever.

Anyway, it is a $4000 option, and worth it.
Hi Terry9, The same conclusion can be deduced from Carr's
explanation. Regarding the wine comparison I have seen some
for 10 K for a single bottle. In this context your Koetsu
may look 'modest' or even 'cheap' but what I had in mind
should cost, say, max. $1500. But because of such a 'huge
interest' in this thread I am very sceptical about my own
'demand assumption'.
Different cantilevers have different resonant frequencies. Almost all create a resonance in the upper treble that affects the audible frequency response of the cartridge, especially MM carts. The lighter the cantilever, the higher the resonance (usually), and tracking is better.
If you two oenophiles want to compare a stylus to a fine wine you should give Thunderbird vintage 1992 a taste!
Yogiboy, Such wines are not meant for drink but to show
off with and talk about. Our diamond on the other side is
supposed to earn its money by hard and complex work.
Nandric,if those fine wines are not tasted then how can a comparison be made? Just curious.
Dear Yogiboy, Think about human imagination to get your
Nandric, Thanks much I'll give it a try!
Yogiboy, To get some idea how imagination works you need only to look at whatever thread in our forum. There are always members who talk and judge about components they have never heard nor even seen. There are even members who can imagine distortions in a system in Australia all the way from Mexico.