Belles Statement LA-01 preamp experiences?

Looking at a Belles LA-01 preamp...  I will not have a chance to hear or try in my rig before buying, nor can I find much on the web, just thought it might be what I'm looking for; high end with remote, simple and straightforward.

Does anyone have any experience with this preamp?

As you know, David Belles has a quiet reputation for making great sounding gear that lasts for a long time...and that resells pretty easily.  Right now, I see that there is an LA-01 on US Audiomart for $1700 and a  Belles 22a on Ebay for $1100.

I purchased a 22a on audiogon a year ago and it is excellent .  It is a tube hybrid with two 12au7 tubes that run very cool and which impart a touch of tube warmth and soundstaging...and from my perspective, with Electro-Harmonix gold pin tubes, absolutely open and clear transparency on the top with a very tight low end and a wide and deep soundstage.   It has what looks to be the exactly the same remote as the LA-01.

I haven't heard the LA-01 (which as you know is all solid state)...but I have no doubt that it also sound great...I have one you start to approach $2k...there is a lot more to choose from, both new and preowned...and the resale on something 10 years old gets a little more difficult...(the 22a came out in 2010/2011).

So, near the $1k price point, I would have no hesitation on the 22a....But near the $2k price point...I'd also look at VanAlstine or Rogue or Parasound as they all have great sounding products  under $2k  with remotes.

Good luck!

Thanks for the response!

I’m looking at moving up and -hopefully- into a solid, upper end preamp that I can build into over time, which is why the Statement was calling me. My rig is solidly top tier mid-fi to low tier hifi and looking for those next steps. I love my trusty old Melos tube pre, but I’ve reached a point where I really want a remote.

It’s rather hard when I have limited ability to ever hear anything I don’t own, nor have the budget to purchase new at the few retail shops available within an hour or two (+).