What preamp to mate with Belles 150A Hot Rod Amp?

I have Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod speakers and a Arcam FMJ CD23T cdp. What do ya'll think would be a good preamp match to the Belles? Thanks for any info.
I would think the Placette Active linestage would be an excellent match.

I had a Belles 150A Hot Rod for awhile, and found that it was a great match with tubed pre-amps. I tried the Rogue 66, the CJ PV10, and the Quicksilver Line Stage Remote (the 6DJ8 version). All of them mated well with the amp, with different strengths and weaknesses. The CJ was lush and rich, but had a slightly muddy low end, and was generally a little "dull" sounding. The Rogue was the opposite--very precise, detailed, with excellent imaging and control. It was a little sterile as tubed equipment goes, however. I settled on the Quicksilver, which I found to be right between the CJ and the Rogue. Slightly warmer than the Rogue, but retaining much of the detail and precision. You would do well with any of the three, depending on your tastes. Good luck!
Try out the audio note tube preamp or a Lamm LL2.
Try the new CJ PV14. I second the Auto Note and Quicksilver.
Disclaimer: I am a Power Modules dealer.

The Power Modules 20A vacuum tube pre would be an excellent choice! There is a wonderful synergy between Dave's amps and preamp (as you would expect). Any of the Rogue preamps would also be a very good choice.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I am very pleased with my Belles 20A.