Bel Canto Ref500M and Aesthetix Calypso

i am in the process of rebuilding my system, moving from CounterPoint pre / Atma-sphere power / Wilson Cub speakers to something a bit more kid friendly. I was thinking of pairing an Aesthetix Calypso pre with Bel Canto Ref500m amps... have any of you heard this combo? Will likely be going with gallo reference speakers.

i LOVED the warmth and 'roundness' of the atma-sphere amp, but those glowing tubes were just too tempting for little fingers. i'm hoping that the Calypso preamp will give me some of that even with the class d amps.

any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

Just put the amps out of reach of those little fingers,simple solution without compromise.Not to sound too harsh,but,a little guidance and disipline works wonders also.Just a thought.
I am using a Joule Electra LAP-150 MKII with the Bel Canto REF1000 amps. It seems to be a good match in the mid range. The Bel Canto REF1000s do not make enough current or voltage, what ever you call it to drive my big Eggleston Savoy speakers in the bass end. The combo is real nice in the mid range though.
I'm using an Aesthetix Janus (the Calypso w/phono stage) to drive Bel Canto M300s. AMAZING. Great detail, transparent to a fault, instrumental timbres correct, vocals stunning, all out of an inky black background. Stunning. Driving Thiel 2.4s.
The Bel Ref 500s are nice amps! they are also very powerful.
Midrange is smooth. I like that little amp quite a bit.