bel canto dilemma

i have purchased bel canto pre2p and dac 2.5 and have a problem. whenever i use the remote for the pre2p i also wind up controlling the dac. so i am stuck selling one or the other. if i sell the pre2p i would need to get suggestions on a rca switcher, preferably with a remote, and a phono amplifier.
Have you tried contacting Bel Canto about this?

Your remote should have buttons at the bottom to select which device you want to control, thus allowing you to select which unit you want to change.

What exactly is changing? (volume, inputs)?
for example when i hit the power button on the pre2p remote i am also prompted on the dac if i want to save my program, which by the way is already saved. so i have to pick up the dac remote to finish this. if i use the pre2p touch screen remote to change what input i am listening to it also changes what i am listening to on the dac. bel canto gave said they were not sure what was going on, and this was from the guy that did the coding for the remote. i might call him in a day or so.
I would contact Bel Canto directly again. Their tech support is very helpful, I would imagine they would be able to help you out.

I became a Bel Canto dealer after the Pre2p so I am not extremely familiar with that unit. Did it come with a touch screen remote, or is this an after market remote?
the touchscreen remote is bel canto's but i do not know if it came with the unit because i am not the original owner
Got it....

Have you tried using the remote that comes with the DAC2.5? It has buttons at the bottom of the remote that let you select which unit you want the remote to control. This may (or may not) fix the issue you are having.