Beginner Looking For Set Up Advice!

Hi all, 

I'm excited to have gotten my first pair of new speakers, the B&W 606 S2! My Dad and my Brother both have 603s and I love the sound, so I thought these would fit well in my apartment. I'm having trouble finding a stereo receiver or integrated amp to pair with the speakers. Although I understand some audiophile lingo, it can all be somewhat confusing and overwhelming so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

What would be a decent, under $1k piece to power the speakers? How much power do these need? I would want it to be able to stream music, whether through airplay or some other system (Spotify connect, etc), and also work with my TV setup including a 4k blu ray player and an Apple TV. I would consider adding a CD player or turntable later on. 

Currently I've looked at the Denon PMA 150h, Marantz PM7007, Marantz NR1200, Yamaha R-N303, and a few others. 

Sprout is excellent advice or the Rega Brio
congrats also on the speakers !, enjoy the music
Look at Peachtree, though they may be a little over your price quote. The Denon and Marantz would be good choices too.