Beginner Looking For Set Up Advice!

Hi all, 

I'm excited to have gotten my first pair of new speakers, the B&W 606 S2! My Dad and my Brother both have 603s and I love the sound, so I thought these would fit well in my apartment. I'm having trouble finding a stereo receiver or integrated amp to pair with the speakers. Although I understand some audiophile lingo, it can all be somewhat confusing and overwhelming so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

What would be a decent, under $1k piece to power the speakers? How much power do these need? I would want it to be able to stream music, whether through airplay or some other system (Spotify connect, etc), and also work with my TV setup including a 4k blu ray player and an Apple TV. I would consider adding a CD player or turntable later on. 

Currently I've looked at the Denon PMA 150h, Marantz PM7007, Marantz NR1200, Yamaha R-N303, and a few others. 

Look at Peachtree, though they may be a little over your price quote. The Denon and Marantz would be good choices too. 
I would look for an Integrated Amp: combo of preamp and amp (no radio, that would be a receiver). Let us know if radio is important for you, that changes the choices.

With remote volume. With balance (manual most common, remote balance from listening position is awesome), with tone controls, with tone control bypass. Manual input selection on the unit is easy, you are up front activating the source, remote input selection is kind of silly IMO.

Phono: LP’s now? Future? Most people prefer separate phono stages of their choosing, then into ’AUX’ or any line level input of the Integrated Amp. That broadens the options now for which Integrated Amp, and gives a lot of choice when selecting a phono stage later.
the ps audio sprout is a very good rec for you--it's got a phone stage, dac, etc. and is the kind of piece you'll always find a use for. its small size (and price) are big plusses. the outlaw 2150 or 2160 is also a keeper esp. if you can find one used for $500-600
Hi all,

Thanks so much for your informative replies! It seems like there are many good options - I was originally leaning toward the denon or marantz because of convenience factor of them having airplay etc (being a millennial and all...), however it seems like some of the other options may even provide a better sound.
The place I got my speakers has a peachtree decco 125SKY open-box for $599. If it’s still available should I just get that? 

If you are able to switch your TV to PCM output, the Peachtree Decco 125SKY would meet all your needs.

The price seems great - does it come with warranty? Can it be returned if necessary? 

I would want it to be able to stream music, whether through airplay or some other system (Spotify connect, etc), and also work with my TV setup including a 4k blu ray player and an Apple TV.

These requirements make it a tricky solution.  If you absolutely need this type of thing, the only option is a mass market AVR (av receiver).  Or maybe your 3 initial choices (marantz / denon / yamaha).

The Outlaw RR2160MkII stereo receiver is likely going to be the best sounding integrated from that list based on the $1k price point.  However, it doesn't support the spotify/streaming stuff.
It’s from Best Buy - hoping they still have it but I think they may it was only weeks ago  and it’s not a product the typical consumer is looking for lol! 
I’ll ask about the warranty - I know it doesn’t have the remote, which is fine. Peachtree sells the remote for $30. 
As for the TV, shouldn’t it work if I connect my video sources to tv via hdmi then run a optical from the tv to the peachtree? Thanks! 
I don't think you will have a problem with the TV or streaming needs if you are looking at a 2 channel system. A quality 2-channel system works well for movie viewing. 

Yes you can link the TV via HDMI and set TV output to PCM for digital optical output. The Outlaw is highly regarded at it's price point and has onboard DAC and phonostage. 

The Peachtree unit may also be a good choice though I am not familiar with it. Does it have onboard streaming capability?

It has WiFi and seems like it has an app platform to stream. 
Generally the outlaw, peachtree, ps audio etc will give a better sound than an avr I’m sure. Can anyone let me know how they compare to the denon/marantz? Thanks again everyone for all the info and help! 
Much depends on wether you want a all-in-one box solution or not.

If purchasing a streamer separately then there are several integrated options, many line level only, many with DACS, some with phonostage, some with both. Another choice is the Yamaha A-S701 or 801. They include a DAC and a phonostage (701 has optical and coax, 801 also includes USB). 

What electronics are your father and brother using?
thanks - my dad and brother use high end marantz avrs, out of my budget lol. 

 I don’t need an all in one box - I guess my question is, if I plug the hdmi devices direct to the TV and run an optical from the TV to the amp then I should be able to just leave it on the optical input for tv, then switch to WiFi for streaming and phono for a turntable, correct? Meaning, I don’t necessarily need an audio input on the amp for everything that I connect to the TV? 
Thanks again! 

If you could find a used Exposure integrated this could be a good match with the B & Ws. Yamaha 501 has phono stage and sub out 85wpc lowest cost streamer you can get at this point and doesn’t sound half bad using the built in Burr Brown DAC.
This setup will give you a great starting point @ right around $1k. I personally am not a fan of integrated streaming all in one device - dac-pre-streamer-amp I prefer to have options on the front end and change dacs pre amps etc. 
Question? By your initial post I`m assuming, please correct me if I`m wrong, that you have no media collection LP's or Cd's so to speak? If this is the case, I`d suggest that you look to network your listening experience this can be done by purchasing the Bluesound Node2i I linked and getting yourself a subscription to Qobuz or Tidal hi-fi streaming service. You then have 1000s of hi fi quality music choices at your fingertips for your price of admission.
The R-N303 you mentioned is also a great alternative to the S501. 
I have had Yamaha products all my life, love the sound and quality. I also have B&Ws the Nautilus 803s great speakers! Yam+B&W= I`m pretty happy. Happy listening and Congrats on your introduction into the Audiophool World! 
Thanks for the insight and the good vibes! I have some questions: 

1. With having the separates, the streamer will take care of the music of course, however how would the Yamaha handle TVs/movies?
2. It looks like some of the Yamaha's are in short supply so out of the R-N303, S301 & S501 is there a recommendation?
3. At that $1k price point, you would recommend this over the Marantz PM7007? (I do like the idea of being able to swap out the components later on)
4. Finally, I did get confirmation that the Peachtree Decco 125SKY can be had for $600

SO MANY OPTIONS! But this idea of separates does intrigue me, and it does bring some nostalgia as the AVR we had when I was growing up was a Yamaha! Thanks!

Don't think anyone actually answered your question, but yes you can feed all your HDMI inputs into the tv and the optical out will be a single source for the Peachtree. This is how I run mine. That Peachtree looks pretty cool, the pre-outs will feed a subwoofer which you'll probably want eventually with those speakers. Good luck and enjoy your setup.
If you’re adamant about the $1k budget, then yeah I’d look at the Outlaw linked above. If you can stretch it some, check out the Peachtree Nova 300. Phono stage, onboard DAC, plenty of power. I almost bought one myself, but went with separates instead. If you only blow your budget by $500, you’ll be doing much better than I did. There’s one for sale on Audiogon for $1500 right now.
If the Peachtree Nova 300 has any appeal, then have a look at the Nova 150. You may not need the extra watts of the 300 and AFAIK the features are otherwise about the same. The DAC chips may be different.

Keep in mind, though, that the Nova series amps have no onboard streaming capabilities. Peachtree has been pushing the Bluesound Node 2i for that.  On the other hand, one nice feature of the Novas is their support for feeding an iOS device into the USB-A port.  An iPhone/iPad/iTouch then could be used as a Roon endpoint as well as a direct source.
With the Yamaha A-S301, 501, 701 or 801 you can use the optical input with the TV, coax with a inexpensive CD player that has coax output and a TT. You would need a streaming device. I have used
the 701 with B&W 685s and CM5s in a secondary system. 

The Marantz 7007 I believe also has DAC and phonostage so would serve same as the Yamaha. You have heard your speakers with Marantz electronics. Many find Marantz house sound to be a bit warmer, softer than Yamaha. 

I am looking to purchase the Bluesound Node myself. It has it's own DAC so could be run into line level input.  I believe it to be a good buy at $550. There are other lessor (more inexpensive) options. Choice would depend on how you wish to use streaming. If you haven't any hard media it could become your primary source. In that case the BS would be a good choice. 

Do not view this endeavor as an gauntlet, but as a walk down a friendly trail.

One thing I will add, I till use the B&W 685s, which are very similar to your speakers. I have used them with a NAD 326 at 50wpc which worked well however I like them better with the NAD 356 which at 85wpc made me more comfortable when playing loud. The Yamaha 701 I am now using is 100wpc and a good match with the 685s. Seems the 606s, like the 685s drop to slightly below 4 ohms in the bass region. I know you are in a apartment and may not need over 50wpc for your speakers however the extra grunt provided by a quality 100wpc amp might prove beneficial. What is room size? 
PS Audio has a bundle that you may want to look at.  A PS Audio Sprout100, a pair of ELAC B6.2 speakers, and Emotiva cables, all for $999.00.   
Hi Everyone, thanks again for the help! This has been fun and informative.  

I've narrowed down to these options, in no particular order: 
Peachtree 125 SKY $600
Yamaha S301/S501 + Bluesound Node $1k - $1,250
Marantz PM7007 $1k 

I like the idea of separates, but couple questions:
1. With the Yamaha/Node setup, the sound when playing movies/tv etc won't be as good as the other two setups as they won't be taking advantage of the Bluesound DAC, correct?
2. Would there be any major difference between the S301 & S501 for me? Apartment living room is roughly 400sqft
Personally, I can’t recommend the Yamaha. It was my dissatisfaction with my Yamaha integrated that led to my latest foray into hi fi gear. Can’t imagine their entry level stuff is any better. As far as an external streaming solution goes, have you looked into the RPi stuff? Reviews are good and very budget friendly.

btw... not trying to be THAT guy, but...“separates” refers to separate preamplifier/power amplifier.
Your going to be driving the tv sound through whatever 2ch set up you decide on, the streamer will have no bearing. To clarify what I mentioned earlier, IF you have a separate streaming device(Node2i) connected to an integrated such as the ones your looking at, you always have the option to use the Node dac via analog, the integrated dac via ditigal out from Node OR to put a DAC of your choice between them and utilize the integrated as an amp only. IE flexibility. I do this with a Peachtree Nova 300/Node2i system with any of the dacs I have on the shelf for a change if I choose. That’s what I meant by separate.
If any of the three choices you mentioned has an trial period, or large return window, make a choice, order, listen and if you don’t like the results send it back within the time window and try the next one.
The Yamahas are essentially the same with the 501 having better connectors and 25 wpc more than the 301
I am a little concerned about the power requirement given your speakers and room size. I could be wrong depending on loudness levels desired. If going with the Yamaha line I would consider the 701 or 801(USB needs?). One can stream via iphone or computer via USB.

Do you currently have a CD or LP collection? How about the TT or CD player? It would be good to know more as to where you might go here.

One thing going for the Peachtree  unit is that it can be used as a stand alone or as a preamp (having preamp outputs)  allowing for the use of a separate amplifier if one find more power is needed. Seems like a good deal at the reduced price. I would look further into streaming devices that could work with it.  
Thanks - still haven’t made any final decision - I don’t have a large cd collection and doubt it will ever grow just due to the emergence of lossless streaming. 
Would the Yamaha/marantz or something similar sound better than the peachtree as they’re class AB rather than D or is it just a different sound? In terms of power I’m hearing different things so not exactly sure what I need. 
I’m sure all the choices will sound great so looking to make a decision this week. Thanks!