Bedroom Dilema

OK now that the post got your attention,get your minds out of the gutter.

I want to put together a bedroom system, tube based. I have a fisher 500c in good shape but needs upgrades/updates. I would have to have these done at a cost of $300 or so or I could sell the unit and purchase a nice little tubed integrated with the proceeds maybe having to add a little. I would probably end up with a pair of triangle bookshelves for speakers and would at least start out with one of my cheap Toshiba DVDs as the source and maybe add a DAC later.

The drawbacks for me keeping the fisher are 1)it is bulky and heavy and I physically don't have a good space for it to sit and 2)I do not really care about FM for music listening as I don't live where I can receive many quality signals. So should I get the Fisher fixed or sell it and put the money toward a tube integrated. I am not a big EL34 fan but would probably look for something with KT88s. I don't give a rip what the name on the unit says or where it is made as long as it is a good quality piece I can live with for years. I cannot however, abide butt ugly audio gear either. I know the fisher is a classic and if it is maintained may even increase in value. I also realize that for the $300 or so I would spend to fix up the fisher I suspect it would be hard to find an amp that would sound as good. Any suggestions?
Damn, fooled again by an enticing thread title!

Interesting dilemna because even with all the good tube integrateds currently available, I can see the allure of keeping a classic like the Fischer 500c. I suspect you might be sorry if you sell that beauty, and personally I think equipment from that era looks much better in a home environment.
Gunbei, I suspect you are correct. I probaly would regret selling the Fisher so I think I will just keep it and live happily ever after. I had about arrived at that conclusion but I guess I wanted someone else to confirm it. Audiopilic Nuerosis I suspect. Thanks for your response!
There is a outfit in NJ which sells what appeared to be a nice integrated amp for around 800 bucks. But for life of me I can't recall the website. Having said that, for 300 or so bucks it may be well to fix and improve as opposed to buying new. At least, if you really yet love your old gear. May be a little hard to find tube gear with some real guts for anything close to your price point.