amplifier dilema

Hi AuGoNerS,
It is time i get to shop for a new amp again.My current system contain BAT pre-amp,CD ,clear audio TT and my 4ohm vienna beethoven(hard to drive).I know the vienna will stay in my system til i get my hand on the avantgarde UNO.I am thinking about buying the BAT vk-60 or ASL hurricane.i like the ASL,but i am unsure about running 200w on the uno(heard is not good),and i am not sure about the sound quality,reliable issue on the ASL.i need some advice please.i would like to stick to tubes amp only and try to keep it around 200-2500.please help.thanks
any one?,???..i am narrowing down to 3 now.
BAT vk-60.SF power 2 or ASL hurricanes?..please help..i have no amp for music now.thanks
Depends on how long you plan to wait for the unos.