Beatles on Tidal

Tidal has just announced that the Beatles catalog, (including "The Beatles Experience-Documentary) is now available in high quality (CD quality) streaming!

From Tidal:

For the first time ever, the most popular and influential band of all time is available for streaming. You can now listen to the full, remastered Beatles catalogue — all 13 of their timeless studio albums, plus collections — in TIDAL. 

TIDAL HiFi members also have the unique opportunity to stream The Beatles in lossless quality.
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Beatles on Spotify as well. Unfortunately, not the mono box. Oh well, premium stream sounds nice. Noel!
Just received an email from Amazon.  They also have the Beatles on Amazon Prime.
Also missing Love Lp, Anthologies 1-3, let it be Naked.
Also streaming flac on Deezer