Beatles Love Circue du Soleil

I went to the Cirque du Soleil Love show last week in Vegas. It was fantastic and the sound was great. Highly recommended.
By far the best show in Las Vegas. I've seen it twice and will probaly see it again in the next year or so (if it is still playing). "A Day in the Life" scene just blew me away!!!
Happy birthay for the 50 years of Guy Laliberte of " Le cirque du soleil " by the way and have a nice trip back on old mother earth. A 35 millions $$$ trip in deep space !!!! not bad for a guy born in Quebec ....
saw it when it first opened agree with all just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live near Las Vegas and I've never seen it. The fact is I never go down to the BUSINESS district unless I am working.