BEARD P-100 tube amp

Hello- Would this 100 wpc amp drive Thiel 3.5's to decent SPL (rock) in a 15x20x8 foot room?
While this amp is up to driving your Thiels, if you want to simulate the sound of a rock concert perhaps a much bigger amp is in order.
This is a 6550 based amp.It doesnt have a 4 ohm tap.Just a 8 ohm tap.
I was thinking, with 6550 tubes at 100 wpc it 'may' be a good match but Im concerned some about the 4 ohm issue with the Thiels.
One of these amps is up for sale right now and Im considering it as its within my budget.Its hard to find a 100 wpc (or more) tube amp at this price.

Does anyone know of the sound quality or have any other info.about this amp?
David, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize the impedance issue. I have a very distant memory of a Beard making some nice sounds from a Thiel 3.5. Perhaps it was a different model. Or perhaps more than my memory is distant. Your concern is appropriate.
While I love tube gear, I wouldn't go with a tube amp on Thiels because of their low impedance (4 ohms). A Levinson or Krell would be a better match.
The Thiel 3.5's have 4 Ohm minimum 4 Ohm nominal impedance load. They are very tube friendly, so long as you have enough (high) power coming from the 4 Ohm tap.