Anyone like the new Spocks Beard?

I think it has some pretty good stuff on it. Your opinion.
I do and I don't even know what you are talking about.
Yes, "Mirror Mirror" is my favorite Spocks Beard.
i always liked the evil spock with a goatee
Not as good as in their heyday with Neil (V), not as bad as Octane, IMHO.
I think it's their best since Neal Morse left.
Neal Morse is on this CD,he's back with the group.
"Neal Morse is on this CD,he's back with the group".Huh? Hes not listed on their website as being on their latest release or back with the group..
No I made a mistake ,his brother Alan is still with the group. I posted this at work thinking it had a picture of him in the booklet but it was his brother. Sorry people rough day.