BDP with analog outs

I have a friend overseas who wants to buy a BDP for Audio, doesn’t much care about video.  Budget is limited and his integrated amp doesn’t have a DAC.  He therefore needs analog outs.  My BDPs have always connected digitally.  There doesn’t seem to be much selection here.  Any recommendations?
Some if not all OPPO players have built in dac’s. I have a OPPO BDP 83 that does. They made an SE version that has an upgraded dac for those that want to use analog outs that would be a great fit. The standard version is best if you just want to use the digital out.They are excellent audio players/transports, SACD, CD as well as most all other audio formats. I see used one’s on here quite often. I’m sure some of the newer ones would be good choices as well. Just looked around and there is a OPPO BDP-83SE on ebay right now,asking $625. buy it now or place a bid. But if he is over seas he should look over there for a correct Euro version.
Thanks, I own the 105 and 203 myself, but this friend is on a limited budget, not an Audiophile, and I wanted to recommend a company that is still in business.
I am surprised at how few players have analog outs.  I am guessing that Oppo must have dominated this niche and then with their demise, and the demise of physical media in deference to streaming, no one is jumping in to fill the niche
You are correct, they really didn't have any real competition. And now the price's for their used gear is going through the roof. He may be better off with a basic CD player.
Good luck.
The Yamaha players had analog outs - now discontinued I believe but you could poke around and see if a dealer might have one left.
He could get an inexpensive outboard dac as well.
Sony BDP-S5000ES
Sony BDP-S1000ES
Pioneer BDP-05FD
Pioneer BDP-23FD
Denon DVD-3800BDCI

All are higher-end units that are readily available in the used market.

Panasonic DP-UB820-K is a 4k player with analog outs.
And the aforementioned Oppo units that are insanely marked up.